Reclaim your health in just 60 days with our step-by-step guide.

Don't Stop Now: Maintain Your New Year's Resolutions

Don't stop now, reclaim your health in 60 days!

Jan. 1 mark the chance to start over with a clean slate. This is the time when many Americans hit the gym every day, eat healthily each week and avoid alcohol and sweets. The initial fervor of these New Year's endeavors is usually enough to carry people through the first two to three weeks of the new year. However, by the end of January the lines behind the treadmills start to fade, the leafy greens make less and less of an appearance at mealtime and the occasional treat becomes a daily habit again.

This year, take the steps to keep that vigor up throughout not just the entire month of January, but the whole year as well! You'll be sticking to your New Year's resolutions all the way through 2018.

Reaching a Weight-Loss or Diet Plateau
Whether you've fallen into a workout rut of the same, mundane 5-mile run each day or you're two months into a diet and after weeks of weight loss you can't seem to shed another pound, you've likely reached a plateau. As the Washington Post explained, people tend to experience a weight loss or diet plateau several weeks or months after starting a new program. And while many will attribute this hurdle to a slowed metabolism, most often, it is the result of less commitment to the new regimen.

"Reclaim your health in just 60 days!"

By staying on track, mixing up your routine and remaining energized, you can successfully overcome a diet plateau. One of the best ways to keep that vigor up is with Hallelujah Diet's 60 Days to Reclaim Your Health step-by-step guide.

Stay on Track
In the constant rush and chaos of life, it can be difficult to always stay on track. Following a primarily raw, plant-based diet requires planning and flexibility. If you're new to this lifestyle you will likely be experiencing a lot of change and when you need help maintaining it, that's exactly where the "60 Days to Reclaim Your Health" program can help. With daily video demonstrations, directions and healthy eating tips, you'll know exactly what to do. The guide also provides new shopping lists each week so that you don't have to the list-making or consideration on your own. This helps to make that first trip to the grocery store much less daunting.

Best of all, our extensive guide offers a variety of commonly asked questions, complete with in-depth answers provided by Hallelujah Acres health experts. It's normal to hit a few bumps in the road when you're starting something new but instead of feeling overwhelmed, you can turn toward this expertise.

Challenge yourself and try a new fitness class this year.Challenge yourself and try a new fitness class this year.

Mix up Routine
As with any habit or activity, completing the same task day after day quickly becomes redundant and loses its appeal. Rather than engaging in the same form of exercise each day, consider mixing up your routine or challenging yourself. Join a new gym or try out a new fitness class, or consider swimming laps at the local pool one morning instead of your daily walk. Adding new forms of physical activity is not only good for your strength, but it helps to keep things exciting too!

Keep up the Enthusiasm
At the end of the day, overcoming a diet plateau is about you and your commitment. With our guide that starts you off with the basics, you'll learn and adopt all of the guiding principles within two months and soon, your new Hallelujah Diet will become second nature. Providing support and encouragement along the way, this program is just the start of your commitment to health. Don't stop now, reclaim your health in 60 days!

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