Does The Hallelujah Diet Really Work?

Does The Hallelujah Diet Really Work?

Have you ever asked yourself-- Will this Hallelujah Diet work for me? People from around the world call or write to us everyday and one common question they seem to have is “Will this really work for me?”

We are always happy to share testimonies like the ones below with anyone who is still wondering...

Hallelujah Diet Success Stories

Nearly everybody responds in a similar way. It doesn’t seem to matter if the symptoms are major or minor, the body responds positively when it receives proper nourishment. That’s because God designed our bodies to be healthy. And, when we become sick, He created an amazing response to bring additional resources to fix the problem.

John J. wrote us to say: “At age 16 while receiving allergy shots I began taking an interest in nutrition. My cousin told me about Hallelujah Acres … and I have been able to remain off my allergy shots for two years.”

Jocylene W. from Africa: “Prior to hearing about The Hallelujah Diet, I was having pain in my arm joints and was very distressed. I also had skin problems - severe drying and rapid aging ... I learned about The Hallelujah Diet, adopted it, and almost immediately the pains in my arms went away and was followed by my skin slowly regaining its suppleness and youthfulness.”

Alfred J. from South Carolina: “In 2005 I had by-pass surgery. Seven weeks later I had to have gallbladder surgery. Then in March 2009 I was diagnosed with bladder cancer. It was shortly after that cancer diagnosis the Lord brought the Hallelujah Diet into my life. In addition to the above physical problems, when I began the Hallelujah Diet, I was also diabetic, had high blood pressure, acid reflux, and suffered with severe sinus headaches. Within four weeks of starting the Hallelujah Diet, I was able to stop taking medication for my diabetes, as well as high blood pressure and acid reflux, and within six months of starting the Hallelujah Diet, my sinus headaches were gone.”


The Body Is Designed to Heal Itself

When you scrape your elbow the body immediately responds, alerting the brain that something is wrong. It instantaneously sends blood to the wound to wash and clean the area of any debris and bacteria. A scab begins to form, which protects the wound while the body continues its work of healing. This is where the real miracle begins as the cells around the wound begin to grow and multiply to fill in the area of the lost skin. Within just a few short weeks, the skin has been knitted back and the only thing remaining is a small scar. Most people have experienced this and understand how it works but they don’t realize that the exact same self-healing is inside the body too.

Our bodies can heal itself of little things like allergies, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, aches and pains as well as big things like heart disease and cancer. All it needs is the right building materials to do the job! The problem is that most people don’t give their bodies what it needs to maintain health. So, what does the body need? It’s simple really--It needs consistent, solid nutrition while limiting and removing toxins. This is what creates the environment for health and healing. We are exposed to toxins on a daily basis that put pressure on the body as it works to constantly eliminate them. 

Common Daily Toxin Exposure

Most people don’t realize that toxins are in the soaps, shampoos, deodorant, toothpaste and skin care products they use every day. Then there are chemicals in the clothes that are dry cleaned, radiation emitted from our electronics like cell phones, TV’s, refrigerators and microwaves not to mention the toxins most people consume when they eat prepared foods purchased from the grocery store or at restaurants. While it is impractical to eliminate all exposure to these toxic substances, we can assist the body itself in eliminating them so it can function better.

Living foods (foods that haven’t been heated and still have their enzymes and vital nutrients intact) are needed to truly nourish the body. The more vegetables, especially in the form of juices that we can put into our bodies the greater capacity it will have to remove the toxins and handle the stresses which creates optimal health. A common question is, “Do I have to be 100% on the Hallelujah Diet to see the benefits?” Absolutely not! Many people start by just adding more nutrition. They don’t remove anything from their diet. And they see amazing results that often inspire them to go make even more clean changes to their diet. Others make moderate changes but still eat those things they aren’t ready to eliminate like coffee or even fish or eggs. And then there are those who take the plunge 100%. This is especially beneficial if someone is dealing with a serious health issue like cancer.

Starting a clean diet change isn’t difficult. The Hallelujah Diet system was created to give people maximum results in the shortest possible time. To accomplish this there are two phenomenal products that were specifically designed to provide maximum nutrition while eliminating toxins. 

BarleyMax is a dried vegetable juice powder that people take 2 to 3 times per day by just adding to water or juice. It provides valuable nutrition that quickly gets to the cells providing them with the energy and resources they need to continue their respective jobs.

Amazingly, BarleyMax simultaneously helps to remove the toxins that we are exposed to daily as well as assists in removing toxins that have built up in the cells. Here is a sample of what people have said about BarleyMax:

Steve B. of Franklin, ME: “ My wife and I have been taking your green barley powder for the past 2 months, and we both already notice improvements in our health. We have not yet fully embraced The Hallelujah Diet …”

Carla C. of Palm Bay, FL: “I just returned from three weeks of mission work in Zambia and the Congo. There were five others on the trip with me … I faithfully took my BarleyMax (6 teaspoons per day) and even though I ‘out-aged’ the others by a minimum of 13 years, I ran circles around them and had more energy than any of them. Some of those with me were 22 years younger.”

FiberCleanse is the other member of that great tag-team that helps people get a quick start on regaining and maintaining health. It helps people achieve the 2 to 3 healthy bowel movements needed each day but with its 28 specifically selected herbs helps to mobilize the toxins that have accumulated throughout the body and pushes them out of the colon.

The Get Started Kit includes these two powerful products along with a recipe book that provides easy recipes with nourishing foods that make getting healthy taste great. The Get Started Kit will give your body the jump start it needs to get you back on the ourney toward optimal health. Don’t just take our word for it, let your body give it a try today -- risk free. If you aren’t 100% satisfied with the results you experience we will refund your purchase, no questions asked. Don’t wait. You too can start experiencing the benefits of the Hallelujah Diet. Order the Hallelujah Diet Get Started Kit today! 

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