Does Rev. Malkmus Endorse Annual Physicals?

Does Rev. Malkmus Endorse Annual Physicals?

How do Rev. Malkmus and Rhonda approach common medical check-ups? Is there a different way to ensure your health is on track?
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My responses to the following questions are what my wife Rhonda and I believe and practice. Our opinions are not meant as advice for anyone else. If you use the information below without the approval of a health professional, you are prescribing for yourself, which is your constitutional right, but neither I nor Rhonda nor Hallelujah Acres assume any responsibility.
“How does Rev. Malkmus feel about getting regular medical check-ups? If you know you are following The Hallelujah Diet faithfully are these check-ups necessary? For example, does Rev. Malkmus have a regular colonoscopy? Does Rhonda have an annual mammogram as the medical field states that women her age should have on a regular basis? Or do you guys just know that it’s not necessary because you’re eating the Hallelujah Acres way? What about dental check-ups? What about eye exams? Thank you for your time and consideration and may God continue to bless you in all that you do to help build the health of God’s people and advance God’s kingdom.” Peggy A.

Are Annual Medical Check-Ups Necessary?

I personally never go to a general practitioner who practices allopathic (drug) medicine for an annual physical. In fact neither Rhonda nor I would go to an allopathic doctor for anything. Not that these doctors are not good people, it’s just that we do not agree with how they have been trained to treat physical problems. Because we believe that the body is self-healing when properly nourished, and that drugs and radiation hinder healing, we would not go to a doctor that uses that approach. However, there are doctors who do believe in the body’s innate ability to heal when conditions supporting self-healing are practiced. These are the only type of doctors we would go to for an annual checkup or if dealing with a specific physical problem that we were unable to bring under control ourselves. Rhonda and I both have nutritionally-oriented medical doctors who place all their patients on The Hallelujah Diet. We do go for annual check-ups to these doctors. These checkups consist of checking blood pressure, heart, ears, eyes, nose, throat, etc. But we go primarily for blood profiles which tell far more than any external or visual check up can.

Each year my alternative doctor prescribes I be tested for over 60 different categories through blood and urine. Two years ago I learned that I was a little low in vitamin D and so my doctor recommended I take 5,000IU of vitamin D3 daily. My thyroid was sluggish as well, for which iodine was recommended. These conditions were corrected with supplements (not drugs). This year my iron was a little low and so a natural organic iron supplement was recommended. This is the only accurate way to know what is going on inside the body. By the next blood test, we know if we need to continue taking that supplement or whether we can refrain. While we strive each day to be careful what we consume eat and drink, and supplement our diet with daily vegetable juices and BarleyMax, sometimes blood tests reveal we are lacking in something. In order to keep our bodies operating at peak levels we find taking a particular supplement advisable.


Rev. Malkmus Maintains Colonoscopies Have Potential Dangers

Identified dangers of the colonoscopy procedure itself include reactions to the sedatives and/or narcotics which can lead to adverse respiratory and/or cardiac events; gastrointestinal perforation; rupture of the spleen; acute anemia; hemorrhaging; stroke; and gastrointestinal burn. A very uncommon danger, but one on record, is transmission of Hepatitis C resulting from improperly sterilized colonoscopy instruments. While rare, death can occur during the colonoscopy procedure. Most deaths during colonoscopy result from perforation, however, there is certainly potential for death from adverse reactions to the anesthesia, or as a result of either hemorrhaging or stroke should the procedure precipitate those adverse reactions.

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EDITOR'S NOTE: We will finish answering the questions Peggy asked in separate post — we'll talk about mammograms, eye and teeth exams and more!


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