Dietary Evangelism

Dietary Evangelism

Trying to spread the word of hope and healing? It can be tough... we know from 20 years of experience! But there are certain pieces of information that are hard to deny — and these are the type facts that make great conversation starters about a plant-based diet like The Hallelujah Diet.

The World Statistics Annual 1994-1998 clearly shows that, as plant food consumption increases, rates of heart disease and cancer decrease. In other words, the more fruits and veggies we consume, the less likely we are to suffer from these ailments. Check out this graph comparing the diets and disease rates of various countries. The green bars represent percentage of plant food consumption and the orange bars represent percentage of killer diseases — shocking, huh?

Another fact that's hard to ignore is that the human body is best suited to plant-based foods. Just consider these physiological differences between carnivores and humans:

  • Carnivores have sharp, jagged teeth — humans have relatively flat, short teeth.
  • Carnivores have vertically moving jaws — humans have laterally moving jaws.
  • Carnivores have short, straight digestive tracts — humans have 30 feet of bending, twisting digestive tract.
  • Carnivores rely on strong stomach acid to digest meat — humans' stomach acid is only 10% as potent as a carnivore's.

And the best fact to break the ice: changing your diet not only helps prevent disease, it can even help your body reverse it!

Need more proof? How about the fact that there are more than 1,500 studies that link dairy and animal products to heart attacks and cancer — that's more proof than the link between smoking and lung cancer! Here's another one... When you eat acid-forming foods like meat, dairy, fish, poultry, eggs, soft drinks, processed foods, coffee, etc you force your body to borrow calcium from your vital organs and bones to neutralize these foods' acidic effect on your body. This not only causes weak bones and osteoporosis but forces your body to push excess calcium though your bloodstream, contributing to hardening of the arteries.

We work with our Health Ministers in the Hallelujah Diet Health Minister Training program, graduating with a better understanding of the principle benefits of the Hallelujah Diet. Health Ministers teach others to live The Hallelujah Diet, sharing our message and breaking the ice with people using facts like these every day. If you're interested in our 6-week course, read more about Health Minister Training Online.

What's your favorite dietary conversation starter? Comment below!

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