Diet? Chemo? Or Both?

Diet? Chemo? Or Both?

For over 20 years, Hallelujah Acres has been receiving testimonies from people who have seen their health improved after adopting the Hallelujah Diet and sharing these testimonies so that perhaps others might be encouraged to improve their diet and lifestyle.
“My wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. They removed the lump and found the cancer. Then they said that they wanted to do exploratory surgery to see if the cancer had spread. At the time when we found out about the cancerous lump we started on a meatless diet as a result of finding out about the Hallelujah Diet from some friends and many people began praying for Karen (my wife). About a month had elapsed between the diagnosis of the cancer and the actual exploratory surgery and the results of the exploratory surgery was that they could not find any trace of cancer. I attributed this good news to God’s healing power and the meatless diet healing Karen of her cancer. The doctors were not as optimistic as I was and they recommended that Karen begin chemotherapy right away and then to follow up with radiation treatments. Karen prayed about what to do for several months while she adhered strictly to the Hallelujah Diet after the exploratory surgery. Karen finally heard about the Cancer Treatment Centers of America and decided that this was the answer to her prayers. We had heard from many doctors that nutrition did not play any part in healing cancer and in fact had heard that nutrition could spread the cancer faster from several oncologists. Karen was happy to hear that the Cancer Treatment Centers of America advocated a similar diet to the Hallelujah Diet and that they recognized nutrition as an essential part of the healing process and that there were also Naturopathic doctors on staff as well as ministerial staff that were recognized as essential to the healing process. So Karen took her chemotherapy at the CTCA and remained faithful to the Hallelujah Diet. CTCA administered the chemotherapy more slowly than conventional oncologist offices so as to limit the damaging effects of the chemotherapy. The only side effect that Karen experienced from the chemotherapy was that her hair fell out but that in itself was enough! All through the chemotherapy and radiation treatment there were absolutely no signs of cancer and she did not experience any other side effects and received a clean bill of health from the Cancer Treatment Centers of America a few weeks ago. I attribute all of this to God’s healing power and to the healing power to the Hallelujah Diet. Thank you for your ministry and for your devotion to the Hallelujah Diet and even in the face of being severely criticized. I know what that feels like. I was criticized severely by many people for not adhering strictly to what the doctors were saying and one person in particular who had a lot to say in the matter had lost a husband recently to cancer after doing exactly what the doctors said and is experiencing at this moment the possible loss of a sister to cancer who strictly adheres to what the traditional doctors are saying. I cannot understand how that person, after all of this, still criticizes the Hallelujah Diet. I didn’t want Karen to submit to the exploratory surgery or the chemotherapy or the radiation because I had heard from God that she was healed but the doctors scared her into the decisions that she made. I am thankful that at least she went to people who know the value of the Spiritual and the values of nutritional healing! ~ Steve N., Hammondsport, NY
P.S This is all documented and had a staggering cost of around $100,000.00. I believe that it was all completely unnecessary and that prayer and the Hallelujah Diet were all that was needed. Fortunately my insurance paid for it, but it left a lot of emotional as well as physical scars on Karen that were, I believe, unnecessary!

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