Detoxification and Good Nutrition are the Keys to Restoring and Maintaining Optimal Health

Detoxification and Good Nutrition are the Keys to Restoring and Maintaining Optimal Health

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From the air we breathe (especially indoors) and the water we drink (unless it’s purified, of course) to electromagnetic radiation from excessive cell phone use and household cleaning products, toxins are everywhere. They can be found in pesticides and insecticides, personal care products and medications, in mercury from seafood and fillings at your dentist, and in many other substances. Why is this important? Toxins can make you very sick; the key is to minimize exposure to toxins and maximize your body’s ability to get rid of them and keep your cells healthy. There are two ways to get sick and two ways to get—and stay—well. Toxicity and lack of proper nutrition are the most fundamental underlying causes of chronic diseases and illnesses. A nutritionally deficient body lacks essential nutrients for quick and efficient elimination of toxins and promotion of health at the cellular level. When we nourish our bodies with the nutritional resources it needs to achieve the self-healing that God programmed into every one of us, we can manage internal toxicity effectively and restore and sustain a healthy lifestyle. Ideally, this involves:
  • A plant-based diet that includes living nutrition—food and supplements to give us the nutrients that our diet may lack
  • Specifically, we should eat organic, chemical-free fruits and vegetables that are rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals
  • Use probiotics for healthy bowel flora
  • Consume flax seeds, flax seed oil and DHA to supply Omega 3 fats
  • Get sunshine or supplemental vitamin D , regular exercise and proper sleep and manage your stress
  • Drink enough water to avoid even mild hydration
  • Replace toxic household chemicals with “green” products
  • Get fresh air into your house every day
  • Invite God to guide your every step
So where and why can toxins become a problem? Your liver can be highly effective in promoting the detoxification process. The liver filters roughly two quarts of blood every minute. And, when functioning as God intended, the liver’s remarkable filtration process removes 99% of bacteria and other toxins from the blood before recirculation. That’s wonderful. However, if the liver is damaged or nutritionally deficient, this process breaks down and the body needs the resources to promote production of glutathione to support the liver. Hallelujah Diet’s new selenium/glutathione promoter is an excellent option. If we haven’t pursued a healthy lifestyle in the past, toxins could be stored deep within our tissues and cells. When toxins are stored in this way, they often have insidious effect and signs of disease often emerge. We need fiber for detoxification Our liver produces roughly one quart of bile each day. The bile carries many toxic substances through the small intestines and into the colon where the bile binds to fiber for elimination. However, the Standard American Diet (SAD) consists of insufficient fiber and nutrients and too many toxins and calories. People on the SAD (very appropriate acronym) consume food-like substances, formulated in laboratories and filled with sugars, food colors, chemicals, hormones and antibiotics. The lack of fiber and magnesium in the SAD explains why most people experience chronic constipation. We need fiber to bind toxins and eliminate them from the body as quickly and efficiently as possible. If we are unable to achieve this with diet alone, it might be prudent to: Introduce additional fiber with Fiber Cleanse to support optimal bowel function (two to three good bowel movements daily) and detoxification. Why you should detox and nurture your body with nutrients at the same time It is not a good idea to address toxicity without also simultaneously ensuring good nutrition. If you address toxicity alone, you could overtax your liver and colon, causing reabsorption of the very toxins you’re trying to eliminate. Our bodies, especially our livers, are under constant stress in dealing with all the toxicity of our modern world. And our bodies do not effectively eliminate the toxins—and the threats they pose—when nutritionally deficient. For example, B6 deficiency has been observed in 60% of all chemically-sensitive individuals; riboflavin is instrumental in detoxification yet is often lacking; and magnesium deficiency often accompanies heavy metal and chemical toxicity and impairs phase I detoxification in the liver. In the 5th edition of Dr. Max Gerson’s A Cancer Therapy, his daughter Charlotte says, “Frequent intake of freshly pressed raw fruit and vegetable juices stimulate the kidneys to detoxify the body. Since the juices are extremely rich in minerals, enzymes, and vitamins, they begin the process of returning these substances to the seriously depleted organs.” Charlotte Gerson is talking about simultaneously detoxifying and nourishing the body with nutrients. Hallelujah Diet recommends that you use Fiber Cleanse to ensure timely elimination via the bowels without strain, at least twice daily, as well as cleansing the colon and restoring optimal bowel function. And, for exceptional nutrition, try our #1 best seller, BarleyMax. Recently tested against many competitors , BarleyMax proved to be richer in the living nutrition our body needs to be as healthy as we can be.

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