Dentists, Doctors, and Diabetes

Dentists, Doctors, and Diabetes

Diabetics rejoice! This week's amazing testimonies tell of improved A1C readings — even for a type 1 diabetic — plus a type 2 diabetic tells how he could have saved over $131,000 if he had just spent 9 days on The Hallelujah Diet!
The mail continues to increase in intensity coming from those who have been blessed by The Hallelujah Diet or our attempts to proclaim this health message. Below are a few of the letters received this past week. Please keep those letters and testimonies coming as they make my day!
“Rev. George, I listened to your presentation at the Agape Center in Lexington, South Carolina last Saturday. It was AMAZING! You are a true inspiration who is not only talking the walk but also walking the talk, all the while glorifying our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Thank You!” Tina C., South Carolina
“We just wanted to thank you so much for such a wonderful seminar this past weekend with Rev. Malkmus. We have received so much positive feedback from everyone who attended. It was a great success.” Ashley F., Administrative Assistant, Agape Medical Mart, Columbia, South Carolina
“Dear Pastor George, I am a scientist who lives in Houston that has been reading and now watching and following the Hallelujah Acres ministries for a long time. Certainly God is using you in a mighty way to help thousands of people. Please let me know whenever you are in the Houston area as I would love to meet with you and Rhonda. May God bless you always!” Dr. Molly M., Houston, Texas
“I have practiced dentistry in a system that generally treats the symptoms, rather than the CAUSE. I continue as I have since the beginning of my dentistry to encourage patients to take control of their dental problems by the simple elimination of sugar from their diet, especially in beverages. I am currently in Azerbaijan in a Christian dental clinic trying to teach apprentice dentists this concept. Unfortunately, I have generally found that unless the patient has to spend a lot of their own money to repair their damage, I have been somewhat ineffective in getting them to change their dietary habits. Finally, as you say Dr. George in your Health Tip regarding diabetes, there is no encouragement financially for the medical (or dental) profession to focus on eliminating the CAUSE. But I will persevere with pointing out to all who will listen, the truth about dental caries and its causative agent sugar. I pray the Lord allows you many more years bringing forth simple God given truths about the relationship of improper diet, insufficient exercise, and the onset of disease.” Dr. Wayne L. (DDS), Azerbaijan (on the Caspian Sea between Russia and Iran.)
“Hi Reverend, I recovered from cancer of the breast in 2001 after adopting The Hallelujah Diet. I am writing to tell you that I am still doing great 11 years after my cancer recovery, healthy and bounding in the Lord. The Lord is using me to direct other people on how to recover from deadly diseases through a simple diet and lifestyle change and God is getting all the glory. I now run a wellness center where people come to learn how to change their diet and eat right. I still desire to attend Health Minister training there in Shelby when the Lord touches the American Embassy in Nigeria to give me a visa which they have thus far rejected to do because I will not follow the way of the multitudes to deceive them concerning their health.God’s time is best and He is helping me. Thank you for being there. God bless you, God bless Rhonda, and God bless Hallelujah Acres.” Rebekah A., Nigeria, West Africa
“Sir, I read your Health Tip #706 on diabetes and am encouraged because my doctor told me that there is no cure for type 2 diabetes, which I have. I also have rheumatoid arthritis for which the doctor has been prescribing Prednisone. Now the doctor is telling me that it was the Prednisone that caused the diabetes. I desperately need to get off this medication and get rid of the diabetes. Thank you for the information in your Health Tip that will hopefully help me achieve this. I spoke to my doctor about doing what you shared in the Health Tip and she said I could give it a try if I wanted to. Thank you very much for this information.” Polly B.
“Thank you for that article on diabetes type 2 in Health Tip #706. After spending $131,407 to have my little toe amputated it could all have prevented with the plant based diet you recommend. After adopting the Hallelujah Diet and Lifestyle my blood sugar levels dropped from over 400 to 99 in just 9 days after beginning The Hallelujah Diet. Medical authorities are trying to oust Dr. Rudy K. for promoting a plant-based diet as a cure for type 2 diabetes because it cuts into their revenue intake.” Jack Y.
“Rev. Malkmus, thank you for your Health Tip #706 on diabetes. I wanted to give you an update since I wrote you last. I’m a type 1 diabetic in my late 50s. Interestingly enough, you talk about the ‘root cause for illness’. I found out that I was fed cow’s milk from birth because I couldn’t suckle. I’ve done a lot of research and found that at less than six months of age the walls of the intestines are not fully formed and the casein proteins from cow’s milk leak into the body. Our immune system sees these ‘foreign’ proteins as invaders and sets up antibodies to attack and remove them. Unfortunately the ‘Islets of Langerhans’ in the pancreas have a similar structure and our own antibodies attack and eventually destroy them. Cow’s milk is what causes a type 1 insulin dependent diabetic. I have been dealing with type 1 diabetes for many years now. Up until five years ago I ate the SAD diet and paid the price – but in the five years that I have been following The Hallelujah Diet my type 1 diabetic condition has greatly improved. It’s too bad I didn’t know about The Hallelujah Diet when I was first diagnosed. If I had, I could have probably avoided the insulin and emergency room visits. When I was diagnosed my G.P. put me on insulin right away. I remember asking him the cause and he said he really didn’t know or care because he was there to treat the immediate problem of high blood sugar. He made no mention of diet change. I went to a nutritionist and she said to minimize sugars and eat four ounces of meat at a meal, but we were all pretty ignorant of the truth back then. Since my previous testimony of improved A1C levels following my initial adopting of The Hallelujah Diet my numbers have continued to drop. My last reading was 5.7. I am now aggressively trying to reduce the amount of insulin that my body needs. Presently I have been able to reduce my insulin intake to 20 units a day total. My endroconologist calls me his ‘star patient.’ He says as a result of the improvements he has seen in me that he has changed his eating to a mostly ‘vegan’ diet. I pray this information will get to his other patients. Thanks to your ministry, I am still physically active and actively employed at my work and my church. In addition, my wife and I give local seminars on health and nutrition. Keep up the good work!” David L.

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