Debunking Common Menopause Myths

Debunking Common Menopause Myths

Menopause is a natural part of aging that will happen to every woman, and many women are fearful about the changes that will occur in their body. This fear often stems from myths that are spread about hormone changes, and it is possible to overcome the fear by learning more about the hormonal changes from menopause. Here are a few myths to consider: Myth: Menopause is sudden and unexpectedT Truth: You will experience gradual changes into menopause. There are several phases of menopause, and the body will slowly shift the hormone levels over time. Many women will notice their reproductive cycles slowly tapering off, and this transition time is known as peri-menopause. When the menstrual periods have been absent for a year, then you have reached menopause. Myth: Pregnancy isn't possible in peri-menopause Truth: Pregnancy can occur if you are still experiencing menstrual cycles. Sometimes women mistakenly think that they can't get pregnant once their menstrual periods become irregular. But, if you have a menstrual cycle, then it means that your ovaries are still dropping eggs. Even though the cycles are irregular, egg fertilization can still happen if the timing is right. So, it is best to use an effective birth control method until it has been a year since your last period. Myth: Cancer risk increases after menopause Truth: Your menopause treatment will impact your cancer risk. One of the reasons that menopause is associated with a higher cancer risk is because many women choose unnatural hormone treatments to decrease menopause symptoms. If you want to avoid an increased cancer risk, then it is better to use a natural menopause treatment and follow a healthy, cancer diet. Myth: Menopause starts when you are 50 years old Truth: The timing of menopause varies from one person to the next. Some women experience menopause at an early age, while others don't go through menopause until their 60's. 52 is the average age when most women start the transition, but it is possible to occur any time between the 30's and 60's. Even if you begin having early symptoms, you aren't in menopause until you have gone a year without a menstrual cycle. Myth: It's hard to keep off the weight in menopause Truth: Weight can be easily maintained with a healthy diet. Don't be fearful about uncontrollable weight gain, because it is possible to manage your weight through a healthy, plant-based diet. It is true that your body will require fewer calories, but you only need to reduce your consumption by about 200 calories per day. Controlling your weight is as simple as focusing on whole foods and fresh ingredients, and staying away from sugar and processed foods. Myth: Hot flashes are miserable and unavoidable Truth: It is possible to manage hot flashes by balancing hormones. Hot flashes are a common side-effect of hormonal changes, but with a few simple strategies you can balance the hormones and drastically reduce hot flashes. The combination of a high quality supplement, such as Luminology, as well as a healthy diet is the best way to avoid hot flashes.

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