Death Is Not An Option

Death Is Not An Option

The following is an interview Hallelujah Acres conducted with Rev. Irene Hamill, whose amazing story of recovery from a staggering number of life-threatening diseases is nothing short of miraculous. Hallelujah Acres: How does your story begin? Irene: This all started in 1988 when I fell three stories. I was a contractor and I fell through a hole in a floor. I survived that but had to wear a leg brace for seven years. I was put on pain medications, one after another, until they began attacking my liver. As if that wasn’t enough, about 17 years ago I had survived a train wreck; it was at this point that I knew I had to do something about all of my medications because my liver was getting worse. At the time, I was working in a print shop (that’s where I met my future husband, Roy) and I had gone for a liver biopsy. I had hepatitis-C, which gave me cirrhosis of the liver, which triggered lots of other things. The medication I sustained throughout the years had injured my body to the point that medicine was killing me. I can’t tell you the number of pills I swallowed over the years! Hallelujah Acres: How did Roy support you during this time?
Irene: Up to this point I had never met anyone like Roy. He was very supportive and cared for me genuinely. He loved my animals, he loved my kids, and was very attentive. He didn't drink, and that was a major thing for me because I was trying to get healthy. I was drinking a lot of water when I got off my medication. I was living a different lifestyle but still struggling with my liver problems.
Hallelujah Acres: When did all of this come to a head?
Irene: I finally went to a doctor to see why my liver problems were still happening and he told me that I had a year or two to live. My eyes locked with his and time just stopped. I didn't know if I was going to hit the floor or how I was going to absorb the shock of his statement that I had liver cancer. When we came out of the doctor’s office into the hallway, all of my emotions came out at once. I slammed the wall with my fist so hard that I made a dent in the drywall. I kept saying “I’m not going to die, I’m not going to die!” Roy grabbed my hand and looked right into my eyes and said, “Look at me; death is no option – we’re going to do what we have to and you are not going to die!” Later on I went to my primary care doctor and went to a liver doctor where I got a biopsy that confirmed I had cirrhosis. They put on 3 million cc’s of interferon every three days for 6 months, enough for a 300-pound man; it was in a shot that I had to give myself. I went down to 89 pounds. I laid on the couch for 6 months. I couldn't even open my eyes. My hair fell out. I was so sick. I was a mess. I couldn't eat or do anything.
Hallelujah Acres: Did you have any other health problems at the time?
Irene: All the physical stress of the situation caused me to have multiple strokes and heart attacks — I can’t tell you how many hospitals I was in and out of. Meanwhile I was trusting the doctors but I wasn't getting better. I reached out to God but didn’t know what to do.
Hallelujah Acres: How many medications were you taking?
I was on 17 medications and was practically bed-ridden for 3 years.Irene: During the worst of it, I was on 17 medications and was practically bed-ridden for 3 years; I only got up to go to the bathroom. I couldn't even get myself in and out of the tub; worse yet, I couldn't even bear to have anyone help me because I ached so badly from fibromyalgia. I had candida, too. Sores covered my body. I was even diagnosed with full blown multiple sclerosis.
Hallelujah Acres: How bad did it get? What was your low point?
Irene: On November 8, 2008 I told Roy, “It’s time; I need to go to the hospital. I’m really dying, Roy. This is it.” His eyes welled up and his voice cracked; but as much as it killed him to hear those words, he still supported me. He did what I asked and helped me down the stairs. I made some phone calls. I called my kids to say good-bye. My last call was to my daughter Lindie. Before I could even finish my good-byes, she said, “Mom, I’m on my way. She came all the way from New Mexico.
Hallelujah Acres: What happened then?
Irene: I went to Tampa General where I sat in triage for 16 hours. I had seizures, I passed out; I felt like I was almost finished. They took my blood and determined that I had leaky gut syndrome and that I needed a liver transplant. The young doctor who cared for me was so positive – he was determined to save my life. He left the room to admit me, but when he came back, he had the saddest face. He had tears rolling down his face when he told me that they couldn't admit me. I looked at him, nodded, and told him that I would be OK. He hugged me and was so beside himself that all he could do was walk away. At that point, I thought for sure God had something else in mind. I just had this feeling that God was going to heal me. I didn’t know how or who He was going to send. Roy: When we came home from the hospital, I was just praying for a miracle because nothing else had worked. We didn’t have insurance so they wouldn’t even perform any tests. I hadn’t given up, but I didn’t know what else to do. But when we got home, there was Lindie. And she had an idea.
Hallelujah Acres: Was Lindie the one who introduced you to The Hallelujah Diet?
Irene: A decade prior, Lindie had seen Hallelujah Acres products in a health food store. She went online to check it out, tried it, and had great success with her uterine cancer — it literally saved her life! She was even bitten by a snake once but never experienced any ill effects because of all the juicing she was doing. Knowing what it did for her, she put me on The Hallelujah Diet.
Hallelujah Acres: How soon did you start seeing indications that you might be getting well?
There was no question that I was dying, but today I’m not. Irene: Within 3 days of Lindie helping me get off of my meds and on The Hallelujah Diet I started to see a difference. Roy: The very first day on The Hallelujah Diet, Irene started getting color back in her face and in her hands. She started looking better than she had in years — in just the first day! Irene: I remember seeing the first indication in my lips. They had been completely blue, but in just a few short days on The Hallelujah Diet, the color came back. My nausea went away, too. Within days I began to heal. And today I know I’m completely well! My clothing proves it. I used to have to wear loose shirts because just the sense of clothing on my skin made me nauseous. My husband couldn’t touch me, literally, for years! I also wore loose shirts because my body was swelling due to renal failure. There was no question that I was dying, but today I’m not. I have no symptoms at all! Not even headaches – everything I was experiencing has disappeared. Today Hallelujah Acres products are the only thing I take to stay well. Roy: A few months later, I began having hope that maybe this could really be our answer. It was. Today Irene looks better than when I met her! Irene: Just three or four months after I started on The Hallelujah Diet, I got up and painted my porch and inside of my house. I did all of that after being in bed for years!
Hallelujah Acres: What kept you going? What was the turning point?
Roy: Irene’s belief in God kept her going when everything else was pretty bad. I can’t tell you the number of times we went to the hospital. I had prayed for a miracle because it was the only thing left. When Lindie came here with her Hallelujah Diet message, that was the miracle. But it took me a while before I could actually accept the fact that I wouldn’t have to check on Irene every morning to make sure she was still alive. So many times, before Lindie arrived, I had to check to see if she was even breathing. But ever since Irene changed her diet and started taking Hallelujah Acres products, she’s just gotten better and better. And I made sure that she didn’t cheat!
Hallelujah Acres: Are you both on The Hallelujah Diet?
Irene: Roy had never been on The Hallelujah Diet like I had, but he’s on it now — because he had a heart attack just a few weeks ago! Ever since the heart attack he’s changed his diet and I juice for him. I tell him, just like he told me, “death is no option!” Roy: After seeing how well The Hallelujah Diet worked for Irene, I have no hesitation trying it myself.
Hallelujah Acres: What do other people think of your recovery?
Irene: My friends are beside themselves when they see me. I couldn't even tie my shoes before; I couldn’t bend down. I couldn’t clean my house – nothing! I tell people everywhere I go about Hallelujah Acres. I’m spreading the word on Facebook, too! There are people on my Facebook page that really need help. That’s my church! I work out of my home doing counseling and volunteering for various causes. I want to save the world, I really do! I tell everybody about Hallelujah Acres everywhere I go. In fact, there’s a fellow at Publix who wants me to send my photos to his wife because she can’t believe how well I’m doing. I’m celebrating life! I've been sick for so long but now I don’t even take aspirin. I was getting seizures and heart attacks – it was unbelievable. I was over 200 pounds and sick, and now I’m 120 pounds and very healthy (I’m exactly 5 feet tall). I don’t even get headaches anymore! Hallelujah – I don’t know what else to say!

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