Dare to Be a Daniel

Dare to Be a Daniel

In the Old Testament, Daniel stood up to prove eating God's diet could make him strong. Sometimes we have to find a better way even when the world says it doesn't make sense.
In the past two Health Tips, we showed how recently passed legislation called the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) can never bring health to the American people. Why? Because PPACA is based on a disease model rather than a health model. For a person to overcome this current disease care mentality it takes knowledge, sheer guts and willpower. We must dare to be a Daniel, and follow God's way to ultimate health. My own story of taking responsibility for my health is widely publicized. Read how I overcame cancer to experience real health care.

Disease Care Thinking

What I want to do now is share with you some information that has the potential of restoring your health, and possibly even saving your life. I also realize that what I am about to share will bring one of two reactions – you will either reject it or embrace it. Before we go any further, just remember what Jesus said. “Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” (John 8:32) Sometimes the truth hurts, and violates everything we have previously believed. That does not alter the fact that it is truth. When acted upon, truth always brings God’s blessing! Following are some truths I have learned.

Most Food in Restaurants and Grocery Stores Promotes Disease

When you enter the average supermarket to buy your food, there are very few items to be found after you pass the produce department that will properly nourish your physical body. At the same time, there are thousands of products filling the shelves that compromise the immune system and destroy health. In almost any restaurant you enter, the entrée is the flesh of some dead old animal. Animal source foods are the cause of up to 90% of all the physical problems being experienced in America today. Then sugar desserts conclude most meals. Sugar is an addictive drug that effectively knocks out the immune system. This is the very defense mechanism God placed in the physical body to protect it from germs, viruses, bacteria, and disease.

Do Nutritionists Have it Wrong?

Some nutritionists will tell you that you cannot receive adequate protein or B12 without consuming animal source foods. This is totally bogus! There is more than adequate protein in a pure vegan diet. Tests also reveal that even people who consume animal foods daily are often unable to obtain adequate B12. Thus B12 supplementation is necessary for both omnivores and vegans.

Vaccinations Promote Disease

It is difficult to understand why vaccinations, the cause of numerous physical and mental problems, are not only mandatory for our children, but the number of vaccinations the we're told are needed is constantly being increased. These vaccines are destroying the immune systems of our children and grandchildren. Consider what Dr. Russell Blaylock, M.D. has written concerning vaccinations.
“While a number of people and even physicians, think they desire a universal health care system (euphemism for socialized medicine), here is something to consider. The government will use access to health care as a way to mandate vaccinations for all Americans. Those who refuse any of the mandated vaccines will be denied access to health care, meaning you will not be able to see a doctor or enter a hospital or clinic. All federal programs will have completion of vaccine mandates as a requirement. This could be linked to Social Security, food stamps, housing subsidy programs and other such federal programs. Remember, they use such tactics now for access to schools and daycare centers. . . . “

Government Subsidizes The Disease Care Industry

Since our government declared war on cancer during the Nixon administration in the early 1970s, over $200 billion in taxpayer dollars have been spent in an effort to find a cure for cancer. For 40 years we have been told that if we will just throw enough money into cancer research, a cure would be found. Yet 40 years later, after spending all these monies,we are no closer to a cure for cancer than when the war began. The number of people dying of cancer today is greater than before the war on cancer began. Friends, do you really believe that with all the intellectual and monetary might of this great land, we could not find a cure for cancer? If you have not seen the DVD titled “Healing Cancer from the Inside Out,” this video is an absolute must see. It reveals with much documentation that the entire cancer industry is built around extracting monies from people while withholding the truth regarding how to overcome cancer without drugs.

Drugs Produce Disease And Cause The Death Of Multitudes

The average American takes one or more pills daily. Some seniors take a dozen or more. Sadly, these drugs not only cause physical problems, but many have the potential of causing the death of the person taking them. Interestingly, God tells us in Revelation 18:23-24 that all nations will be deceived by these very same drugs. In the book “Bottom Line’s Ultimate Healing” we read:
"The vast majority of physicians prescribe medication because they think it’s in their patients’ best interest. But there have been radical changes in the way that our medical knowledge is provided. Prior to 1980, most clinical research was publicly funded, but now most is funded directly by drug and other medical industries, whose primary mission is to maximize the return on investments for investors. . . . Drug and medical industries fund 70% of continuing education lectures and seminars, which are among the activities that doctors are required to attend to maintain their licenses to practice. Wherever doctors turn for sources of information, drug companies dominate..."

US Laws Protect the Disease Care Industry

Did you know it is against the law for Hallelujah Acres to say that The Hallelujah Diet will prevent anyone from experiencing a particular physical problem, or that The Hallelujah Diet is capable of healing anyone of anything? And even though we have received thousands of testimonies from folks who report having recovered from over 170 different physical problems after adopting The Hallelujah Diet, it is against the law for us to make any healing claims. In reality, there is no drug, supplement, food, or diet that can heal anyone of anything. All healing comes from the inside out, not from the outside in. Only the body itself has the ability of healing anyone of anything. That is only after conditions conducive to healing are provided the body through good nutrition!

Doctors Believe in the Disease Care System

Many well-meaning doctors have bought into this disease care system. So when a person is diagnosed with cancer, the doctor believes their only hope of surviving that cancer is to accept the modalities of chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery — modalities that further damage the immune system, making it ever more difficult for the body to heal itself.

The Media Promotes Big Pharma

The advertising income derived from drugs is huge! Billions of dollars each year go to the promotion of drugs on TV, radio, online, and on printed page. So once again, it is money, and the potential loss of that money, that helps keep the American people in darkness to the dangers of drugs and the dangers of the medical industry.

Confusion Keep the Public in Poor Health

Almost every day, you read a contradictory statement concerning nutrition. American people are kept in a constant state of confusion concerning diet and health. Consider this example. People are discouraged from going out in the sun. The sun is the source of all earth’s energy. The shining of this sunlight on the skin is essential for health. Proper exposure to sunlight does not cause cancer. Rather it is the consuming of a poor diet, which compromises the immune system that causes cancer, thus making the body susceptible to not only skin cancer, but all cancers.

The Average Person Accepts Disease As Normal

The average American, whether Christian, or non-Christian, has bought into disease care mentality. They will not only submit their own bodies and those of their families to it, but will even defend it when challenged. Yes, the disease care industry has done a very good job of brainwashing the American people into believing in a system that is incapable really healing anyone of anything. At the same time, most people have been brainwashed into believing that any other route of dealing with disease is “quackery.” Friends, our entire society is geared toward disease and disease care and against true health and health care!

There's a Better Way

But all the while this is going on, remember Hallelujah Acres is standing sentinel. We welcome all who will heed our call: “Come over here! This is the way to health — come walk this healthy way with us!" Millions are walking with us, how about you? Will you dare to be a Daniel?

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