Convincing Your Family to Follow a Plant-Based Diet

Convincing Your Family to Follow a Plant-Based Diet

Here are a few ways you can convince the ones you love to take total control of their wellness and follow a plant-based lifestyle like the Hallelujah Diet.
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By making the decision to start following a plant-based lifestyle, you're taking total control of your health and well-being. A diet that's rich in plant-sourced foods can increase your energy, boost your immune system, reduce your risk for developing chronic conditions and much more. Ultimately, shaping up your eating habits promotes longevity, allowing you to live the fulfilling life God intended for you all along. While a lifestyle adjustment like switching to a plant-based diet can be incredibly beneficial, it can be difficult if you're surrounded by individuals who still follow the Standard American Diet. Encouraging your family to change their ways and honor these new-and-improved eating habits can not only help you stick to your goals, but it'll also enhance their health. Here are a few ways you can convince the ones you love to take total control of their wellness and follow a plant-based lifestyle like the Hallelujah Diet: Lead by Example Start by sharing the wealth of knowledge you've acquired about how harmful the SAD is. We have written many articles in the past about how unhealthy eating can lead to diabetes, heart disease, obesity and more. Plus, we provide an abundance of books that can attest to how hazardous a diet loaded with refined sugars and saturated fats can be. Your family members might be shocked and uncertain about these facts, but it's important that they understand what they're doing to their bodies when they fill themselves with bad choices like fast food burgers and French fries. Show them our Get Started Guide. It's a meal plan that teaches Hallelujah Diet beginners how easy it is to replace some of those unhealthy foods with nutritious options.
Teach your family members everything you know about the Standard American Diet.Teach your family everything you know about the Standard American Diet.
Introduce Them to Your Favorite Supplements While plant-based living starts with making adjustments to your eating habits, we highly recommend Hallelujah Diet followers incorporate beneficial supplements into their lifestyle, too. Talk to your family about some of your favorite vitamins and how these supplements complement the diet so well. Then, show them our Get Started Kit. Along with two of our best-selling supplements, BarleyMax and Fiber Cleanse, this package contains the Get Started Guide, a meal plan recipe book and a DVD set created by our own Paul and Ann Malkmus, who provide tips and tricks for incorporating plant-based eating into a busy schedule. Provide Delicious Meals When you first introduce the idea of eating only plant-based products, your family might be turned off by the thought. This is especially difficult for those who have based the majority of their meals around meat and dairy products for most of their lives. Instead of simply talking about how delicious and beneficial plant-based eating it, prepare some of your favorite dishes for them to see how they react. It's surprising how many people underestimate the rich, bold flavors of fresh fruits and vegetables. After dishing out a few of your favorite plant-based meals, show your family members our database of recipes. The variety of breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, dessert and beverage recipes prove just how versatile - not bland and unsatisfying - the Hallelujah Diet can be. The road to convincing your family to follow the Hallelujah Diet won't necessarily be smooth and steady. Continue introducing them to new delicious plant-based recipes and encourage them to subscribe to our daily blogs. We provide an abundance of tips and tricks for healthy eating, plus plenty of vital information about how harmful the Standard American Diet and other unhealthy eating habits can be.

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