Why Cleansing is Beneficial for Cancer Prevention and Treatment

Why Cleansing is Beneficial for Cancer Prevention and Treatment

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One of the most controversial topics between conventional and alternative medical practitioners is the topic of cleansing and detoxification. The conflicting information leads many people to wonder whether cleansing is a beneficial practice if they are healing from cancer or proactively working to prevent cancer. The truth is that many cancer patients have experienced great success when they integrate cleansing into their regimen, along with other natural remedies to support the immune function within the body.

Cleansing Reduces Toxic Load

We are exposed to toxins throughout the day, and these toxins are found in the foods that we eat, the air we breathe, household chemicals, and other items that we come in contact with. It is nearly impossible to completely eliminate the exposure to toxins, but luckily our bodies are built with natural cleansing organs that work to reduce the toxic load within the body. The problem is that a high exposure to toxins results in a situation where the body is unable to get rid of the toxins that are accumulating. When higher levels of toxins accumulation within the body it can lead to cellular damage, which in turn leads to serious health problems such as cancer. When you cleanse the body, it reduces the toxin exposure and the natural functions within the body are able to do some major housecleaning.

Bowel Cleansing for Optimal Results

One of the major sources of elimination in the body is the bowels, and it is important that you are proactively cleansing the digestive tract in order to promote optimal health. When you eat food, it passes through the digestive system where nutrients and extracted and wasted is moved through to be eliminated from the body. Toxins and waste are eliminated through the stool, and it is important to manage healthy elimination patterns in order to prevent an accumulation of toxins within the body. When you eat processed foods that are low in fiber and lacking in nutrition, then your digestive system will slow down and the body will have a harder time getting rid of the waste that is accumulating.

Preparing Foods to Support Natural Toxin Elimination

It is healthy to have several bowel movements in a day, and these healthy patterns can be achieved by eating a diet that is high in fiber. Your meal planning should be focused around a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, nuts, and seeds. These foods provide the fiber that is needed to keep your digestive tract running at an optimal speed, which supports proper elimination from the body. Do you need help planning meals that are prepared with the right ingredients to cleanse the body and decrease toxic load? Unravel the Mystery Recipe Book is a fantastic resource that provides you with many recipes to make meal planning easier. Also, you can read Unravel the Mystery, by Ann Malkmus, to learn more about the lifestyle factors that will be helpful for cancer healing and prevention.

7 Day Detox Program

It is important that you take the proactive steps that help to detox your body and provide the necessary cleansing that is needed for optimal health. Many people have a hard time managing a detox program on their own, which is why it can be beneficial to follow a detailed plan. We want to make it easy for you to cleanse, which is why we put together the 7 Day Ultimate Detox Program. Click here to have instant access to the full detox program, including soup and juicing recipes, a shopping list, and the support that you need to stick to your detox program.

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