Chemotherapy for Breast Cancer Treatment on the Decline

Chemotherapy for Breast Cancer Treatment on the Decline

New research shows that more women are declining chemotherapy and opting for other forms of breast cancer treatment.

New data has revealed that today, less women are opting to treat early-stage breast cancer with chemotherapy than in the past and instead, are opting for alternative methods. At Hallelujah Diet, we've known all along about the power of using natural ways to treat sickness and disease. For more than 25 years, people have turned to the Genesis 1:29 diet to not only prevent cancer, but fight back and overcome it as well.

Declining Rates in Choosing Chemotherapy

Researchers from the Stanford University Medical Center and the University of Michigan found a "significant" decrease in women with early-stage breast cancer opting for chemotherapy as a form of treatment. The results, published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, were based on feedback from almost 3,000 women. Between 2013 and 2015, there was a 13.2 percent drop in the use of chemotherapy to treat this stage of breast cancer. Most notable perhaps was that despite these declines, there have been no recent modifications to national treatment guidelines, emphasized the study authors. The study also revealed that the rate at which oncologists were recommending chemotherapy to patients also decreased - by 13.3 percent.

"The rate of oncologists recommending chemo declined by 13.3%."

As Science Daily reported, the report included a survey of 504 oncologists that were treating the study patients. The researchers found that these oncologists were more likely to take the patient's preference into account and base treatment recommendations on whether or not they agreed with the doctor's advised plan. When patients were not in agreement, it was found that doctors were more likely to use tumor genomic testing for these women, a method for deciding on treatment options. "We believe this study indicates that physicians are attempting to be more selective in their recommendations and to spare patients toxicity when possible," said lead study author Dr. Allison Kurian, associate professor of medicine and of health research and policy at Stanford.

Opting for the Natural Treatment

As Natural News reported, with the decline in women choosing to treat early-stage breast cancer with chemotherapy, more individuals are going the nontraditional route with natural treatment methods. The source lists these traditional cancer treatment options as "slash and burn protocols" that often end up doing more harm than good. Rather than put their bodies through a treatment that - while killing cancer cells - will also leave them with a number of unfavorable and even harmful side effects, more and more women are looking for healthier ways to fight breast cancer. It's not just hair loss and nausea that patients thinking about chemotherapy need to be aware of, but also the spread of other cancers. Recently, we published an article citing the risk that chemotherapy for breast cancer has on women. Ohio State University Researchers found that these drugs may in fact help encourage the spread of lung cancer.

Considering treatment options for breast cancer is never easy. For more information on dangerous side effects of chemotherapy, read our post from earlier this year Does Chemotherapy Have a Dark Side?




Unraveling a cancer diagnosis is never an easy task. There will be opinions, as well as second and third opinions and often, there will be more questions than answers. Selecting a form of treatment is a grueling process. For some, the answer is a primarily raw plant-based diet along with medication or treatment. For others, it's either or. No matter which path you choose, maintaining a healthy diet is a key component of success. That's why we put our best products together in our Get Started Kit

Hallelujah Diet dietary supplements will boost your immune system, improve digestion and gut health, and provide antioxidants to elevate your health. You'll be amazed at how your energy levels increase as your immune system gains the fighting power to strike back. Most importantly, you'll have unlimited support and access to all the resources you need during your journey to recovery.

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