Celebrating Rev. Malkmus' 83rd Birthday and Hallelujah Diet's 25th Anniversary

Celebrating Rev. Malkmus' 83rd Birthday and Hallelujah Diet's 25th Anniversary

Happy 83rd birthday Rev. Malkmus!

This year, we are thrilled to celebrate the Rev. George Malkmus' 83rd birthday on the 25th anniversary of Hallelujah Diet. On this day, Feb. 12, 25 years ago, Hallelujah Acres was founded. At the time, our message and our teachings were faced with a lot of criticism, even from the Christian community. To us, the message was simple: You don't have to be sick. We knew, from early on, that fueling our bodies with the plant-based diet derived from Genesis 1:29 could promote the self-healing mechanisms that God gifted us with.

Though it would take more than two decades for the rest of the health community to start catching on, Rev. Malkmus and his wife Rhonda continued to work hard and push forward. They had a shared vision of what the Hallelujah Diet could be and today, we celebrate that success.

Rev. Malkmus and Rhonda.Rev. Malkmus and Rhonda.

Through all of the ups and the downs, it has been the moving testimonies and success stories shared by all of you, that have continued to push us forward. These stories that you have so bravely shared have energized us, motivated us and inspired us to keep spreading the good word. We encourage you to continue to share those stories of how your lives have been transformed.

We want to thank each and every one of you for your unconditional support and belief in our mission for the past 25 years. To show our gratitude, we will be offering a 25% discount on all of our Hallelujah Diet supplements for two days only.

Over 25 years later, our foundational teachings inspired by God remain the same. We will continue to educate and demonstrate that there are natural alternatives out there - that a healthy lifestyle promoting strong bodies and preventing chronic disease can be achieved through a primarily raw, plant-based diet and the proper supplements. Opening up the door to a world where you don't have to be sick, you don't have to be afraid of chronic disease continues to be our goal.

Please join us in wishing Rev. Malkmus, our founder, a blessed and happy birthday.

Thank you,

The Team at Hallelujah Diet

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