Can Mammograms Spread Cancer?

Can Mammograms Spread Cancer?

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On October 1, 2015, published a very interesting article titled “Can Mammograms Spread Cancer?” Excerpts of this article follow:
“Women are led to believe that any cancer found by an annual mammogram would be in the earliest stage, and could be completely removed, in effect curing of the disease. That’s not the case, says nationally renowned natural health expert Dr. Russell Blaylock. ‘Many studies have shown that mammograms do not reduce the risk of dying from breast cancer,’ he tells Newsmax Health. ‘For one thing, many cancers begin between scans, and they can be very aggressive. By the time a woman undergoes a yearly mammogram, it can be advanced. The number of early cancers found by mammograms aren’t that many, and 80 percent of lesions spotted in scans are in situ carcinomas, which are considered benign in behavior,’ he says. ‘Yet many women undergo unnecessary surgery for these lesions found on mammograms.’ Most frightening, if a woman does have a cancerous lump, undergoing a mammogram can cause it to spread,' says Dr. Blaylock.”

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