Discover how to promote your own self-healing.

Bringing Self-Healing to a New Level with the Perfect Cleanse

Find out what you missed from February's Hallelujah Diet webinar. 
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Our very own health expert and research scientist Dr. Michael Donaldson, Ph.D, presented the monthly Hallelujah Diet webinar on elevating the body's self-healing powers to a new level through our product The Perfect Cleanse. Americans today are plagued with obesity, diabetes and heart disease. All of this is due to unhealthy habits and lifestyles that lead to weight gain, which causes an entire host of problems.

The Power of a Juice Cleanse
Adopting a primarily raw, plant-based diet is the key to optimal health. Many who have already adopted the Hallelujah Diet know the impact and have seen firsthand the power of reclaiming one's health. But did you know that there is a way to increase the speed of self-healing as well? There is a way to rejuvenate your health and see faster and better changes in your own body. Cleansing and detoxing the body is the No. 1 way to jump start your health.

However, any old juice cleanse won't do the trick. Based on extensive research, our Hallelujah Diet team has developed an optimal cleanse demonstrated to promote self-healing to the next level.

Learn how you can revamp your self-healing.Learn how you can revamp your self-healing.

The Key Elements
As Dr. Donaldson explained in the webinar, there are two key elements to the Perfect Cleanse: autophagy and stem cell release. Both of these are what make this cleanse unique and different from others. The first factor, autophagy, was highlighted in 2016 by the awarding of the Nobel Prize in Medicine and Physiology to Yoshinori Ohsumi who spent 20 years researching the process. Autophagy is the natural process of recycling parts of cells, or self eating, to detoxify the bacteria that gets stuck in them. During a cleanse, when cells are not getting the typical energy, it recycles these diseased and damaged cells to use them as energy. The Perfect Cleanse take advantage of this very process.

The second key element is stem cell release. During a cleanse, your body gets smaller in losing fat and as a result, organs slim down in size. At the end of a fast or detox, once you begin eating again, your body puts out a release of stem cells which then go back and replenish those organs.

"So not only are you taking out the trash, you're actually rebuilding with new cells that are healthier than cells that were there before," said Dr. Donaldson. "It's kind of like a remodel of your bathroom and your kitchen. You're not just cleaning the floors, cleaning the mirrors and taking out the trash. You're replacing things that aren't working."

What is the Perfect Cleanse?
Now that you know the science behind the cleanse, you can better understand what it's comprised of. For five days, you'll drink five drinks:

  • BarleyMax, CarrotJuiceMax, Advanced SuperFood, Trio Max.
  • B-Flax-D.
  • ModCarb.
  • Avocado.
  • Fiber cleanse capsules.

You will do this for three months in a row and after that, once you begin to peak toward optimal health, you can decrease to just four times a year or less. These ingredients provide sustained energy. Though the cleanse is low in protein, it is high in fats, fiber and nutrients. It has a moderate amount of carbohydrates. In fact, you'll get more nutrition from the Perfect Cleanse than most people get on a traditional Standard American Diet. This nutrition is important for building and improving those new stem cells. In essence, this cleanse gives the effect of fasting without causing harm.

The perfect cleanse includes Organic Advanced Superfood, which boasts more than 30 organic ingredients.The perfect cleanse includes Organic Advanced Superfood, which boasts more than 30 organic ingredients.

What the Research Shows
Several animal studies mimicking the Perfect Cleanse demonstrated that it can be beneficial for those with autoimmune diseases, cancer and other diseases. In a study of 100 people who did a very similar cleanse for five days a month for three months, the impact was shown to promote weight loss among all people, including body fat. Among those who had existing health problems, even greater weight loss was found. High fasting blood sugar, CRP, cholesterol, hypertension and IGF-1 levels were all normalized.

In the webinar, Dr. Donaldson urges you to imagine your own world and life without sickness and diseases. He pushes viewers to consider just how much would change if we lived in a world free of illness. As he suggests, the possibilities for innovation and development are even greater when we stop spending money on health care and medicine. Natural living and eating, along with the Perfect Cleanse, is a great place to start for transforming your body and your life.

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