BarleyMax for Poison Ivy?

BarleyMax for Poison Ivy?

We've heard testimonies of everything from cancer remission to MS disappearance, but this one had us "scratching" our heads!

We’re constantly reading testimonies about what our customers have experienced on the Hallelujah Diet with regular use of BarleyMax. These stories range from tales of cancer remission to miraculous MS disappearance, but one unique submission truly had us “scratching” our heads – using our BarleyMax powder to create a homemade poison ivy remedy. We never even considered trying this trick, but we’re thrilled to hear that it had positive results. Here’s what our customer Jane had to say about her newfound natural poison ivy remedy:

A Surprising Natural Remedy For Poison Ivy

“Last month I got into some poison ivy before I realized it. It affected me so bad I had to begin taking medication but it wasn’t getting rid of it. That’s when I decided to try making a paste of BarleyMax and give it a try. Before the BarleyMax I had it bad on my face and tried just putting the BarleyMax paste on the right side to see if it would give better results than the medication. I could hardly believe my eyes as it started pulling out the poison! Just wanted you to know BarleyMax is not only good for the inside of the body but the outside as well.” - Jane N.

Our BarleyMax Original powder is one of our best-selling products, and for good reason. People all over the world love the rich scent, vibrant color, and fresh taste of our juice powders. Packed with essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and much more, this supplement helps increase energy, eliminate harmful toxins, and strengthen the immune system. Some also experience weight loss, better circulation, and more balanced blood sugar levels. Since drinking this organic powder results in so many positive effects, it’s no surprise to us that it works wonders on the skin in paste form, too!

How To Make a BarleyMax Paste: 3 Simple Steps

In case you find yourself in a similar situation, we thought we’d teach you how to make this special paste. In only three simple steps, you’ll have transformed your barley green juice powder into a simple and natural remedy for poison ivy. This paste can also be used to treat other topical irritations. Try it out for yourself by following these simple steps:

Step 1: Order BarleyMax Original from My Hallelujah Diet today! We have two sizes available: 4.2 oz (30-day supply) and 8.5 oz (60-day supply), but you’ll only need a small amount for this purpose.

Step 2: Using a small bowl, combine the barley grass juice powder with a small amount of water. It’s best to start with a 1:1 ratio, using 1 tbsp of powder and 1 tbsp of water.

Step 3: Continue adding water and powder as needed, and stir until you’ve achieved a smooth consistency. The result should be a paste with a gel-like texture.

And that’s it! Now you have a natural poison ivy remedy that’s simple and efficient. If you try this paste out for yourself and have positive results, please let us know. You can comment on this post or reach out to us personally to share your testimony. We love hearing your success stories using our Hallelujah Diet products, especially when they’re as unique and creative as this one. We receive stories and testimonies regularly, and we love hearing from all of you. Please keep them coming, we thrive on them!

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