Are Vaccines Safe And Effective?

Are Vaccines Safe And Effective?

Dr. Brownstein, in his September 2015 issue of “Natural Ways to Health”, his monthly natural health newsletter, shared an interesting article concerning the safety of vaccines:
"It would be nice to have an easy answer to questions about vaccine safety. But there isn’t one because there have been so few safety studies conducted on vaccines. And the ones that have been done lasted just a few days or maybe a few weeks. "Unbelievably, there have been no long term studies to examine whether the childhood vaccine program is safe. Likewise, there are zero studies showing that combining vaccines are safe. "American children are the most heavily vaccinated in the world. You would think that they would be the healthiest. Think again. Our children have the highest newborn mortality rate and more chronic illnesses, including autoimmune disorders, than other Western children. "Although association does not necessarily equal causation, the poor health of our children needs to be studied in relation to the numbers of vaccines they are being given. "The CDC states that childhood vaccines are 90 to 100 percent effective at promoting immunity. They’re absolutely correct. There is no doubt that vaccines have decreased the incidence of childhood infections such as measles and chickenpox. "Yet children are no healthier for receiving so many vaccines. In fact, their health has worsened since we increased the number of vaccines."

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