Ann discusses her and Paul's dynamic partnership and friendship.

Ann Malkmus Talks Companionship and Teamwork in Spreading the Good Word

Ann discusses her dynamic partnership and friendship with Paul.
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For over a decade, Ann Malkmus has been sharing her zeal for health and helping others with the team at Hallelujah Diet. Since moving to North Carolina in 2006 to become the Director of Health Ministry and later, the Chief of Education, Ann has transformed the health minister training, developed a line of plant-based menopause supplements Luminology, published a book "Unravel the Mystery" and served as the voice behind 'Healthy Days with Paul and Ann' for years.

Looking Back
Though she always held that passion for health and wellness, Ann was originally on the path to a career in academia. Pursuing her Masters degree in the mid 1990s and raising two daughters, she would go on to become Academic Dean of an Engineering Technical College. During those years she was struggling with fibromyalgia and irritable bowel syndrome while her own daughter was suffering from rheumatoid arthritis at a young age, as well as asthma. At the time, doctors weren't even sure how to test for fibromyalgia, let alone treat it. The best advice they gave to Ann was to see a psychiatrist.

Then in 1996, Ann met the Reverend George Malkmus at a church near her town. At the time, she could have no idea that initial meeting would lead her to Paul Malkmus, let alone all they would accomplish together. After hearing Rev. Malkmus speak on the Hallelujah Diet, Ann and her daughters changed their diets and within one year, the symptoms were gone. Soon after, Ann went through the health minister training program. Later, she met Rev. Malkmus' son, Paul and the rest fell into place from there.

"Life just kind of happened and we fell in love," said Ann of her marriage to Paul. "Ever since then we've just clicked and worked so well together."

Paul and Ann Malkmus.Paul and Ann Malkmus.

A Dynamic Duo
According to Ann, from a professional standpoint, she and Paul couldn't make a better team. Together with Paul, Ann helped create the "Where Do We Go From Here" program that would follow the lectures of Rev. Malkmus. The intent was to provide a source of information for all those eager to get started on the Hallelujah Diet after sitting in on one of these lectures. Meeting those individuals and speaking to them was one of Ann's favorite parts. Later, the 60 Days to Reclaim Your Health program was launched right in Ann and Paul's own kitchen.

"We created it all," said Ann. "We really are a dynamic duo. We're very very passionate about health and we feed on each others instincts and ideas. It's just so good."

The pair also spent two months together in Nigeria, conducting training programs and re-teaching the primarily raw, plant-based diet that was once custom of the country. As Ann explained, the Standard American Diet had seeped in and sadly, Western culture had reversed the beauty of the land's nuts, fruits, seeds and vegetables. During their journey, Ann and Paul drew crowds of pastors by the thousands and as she explained, they were very gracious.

"It was beautiful, we called it The Garden of Eden," said Ann. "It was an incredibly life-changing experience."

Keeping Up With the Changes
As Ann explained, it's always a challenge to keep up with the constant changes in the world of health.

"We've learned a lot through the years," she said. "The world of health has changed a great deal and we have to keep up with these changes and we have to keep on."

As an educational company, there is always the opportunity for teaching and for learning. As the digital age continues to change the way information is shared and digested, Ann noted the importance of being good critical thinkers and good critical listeners. With so many diets trends and myths out there, unraveling each piece of information from a "holistic living perspective" is key, she said.

"We have to use the bible," said Ann. "We keep going back to the bible. It's not that difficult to see that is where God told us to begin."

However, some of those changes have allowed Ann to use her personal experience to help shape and create the education as well as the products of Hallelujah Diet. All women experience menopause and for some, the symptoms and side effects are worse than others. With the intent of giving women control of their lives again through a natural alternative, Ann helped to launch the plant-based menopause supplements that include Luminology Balance for peri-menopause, Luminology Breeze for menopause and Luminology Clarity for post menopause. Each of these products have been found to restore balance and bring females back to their optimal health, without all of the crippling side effects that include sleep deprivation, fatigue, night sweats, mood changes, irregular periods, migraines related to hormones as well as PMS.

These are the kinds of initiatives that mean the most to Ann. Knowing the impact that these kinds of products and resources can have on people in their everyday lives is one of the most rewarding parts of the work that she does.

"My favorite part is knowing that the information we share is life changing," she said.

And the work of spreading the word to share the message only continues. As Ann hinted, she and Paul are consistently scheming and planning, coming up with new ideas that will continue to shed light on important health topics and promote the importance of a whole foods, primarily raw, plant-based diet.

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