A Village Built for Health

A Village Built for Health

The Villages of Hallelujah Acres is the ultimate in health conscious living! Find out what makes The Villages such a unique (and affordable) new housing development!

Have you ever asked your next door neighbor, “How are you doing today?” and wished you hadn't asked? Often the response is a litany of all the physical problems they are experiencing (possibly more than you have time to listen to).

Now, imagine living in a community where the response is “Hallelujah HEALTHY!" Then they proceed to share with you how good the Lord has been to them and thank Him for His abundant blessings and provision. Imagine living in a community with neighbors who desired a healthy lifestyle and contained within that community were all the amenities needed to support that healthy lifestyle. Where many people live today, it is not uncommon to hear cursing and the use of the Lord’s name in vain. We envisioned in a community where rather than hearing cursing, you hear people praising God. Which community would you prefer to live in?

Is there such a place? Yes, there is such a place – it's called The Villages of Hallelujah Acres located in Shelby, North Carolina, right across the street from the international headquarters of Hallelujah Acres.


Living at The Villages of Hallelujah Acres

What’s so special about The Villages of Hallelujah Acres? The Villages is nestled into 150 acres of gently rolling land with several small lakes and gorgeous mountain views.  The Villages of Hallelujah Acres is a place where healthy living is appreciated and practiced. It is a place where people understand how God designed us to be nourished in Genesis 1:29. A place where people know the difference between foods that make us sick and foods that help us to gain or retain our health. We have spent two years preparing this unique development.

The Villages of Hallelujah Acres is the first master-planned healthy lifestyle community founded on the principles of health and wellness.

All utilities have been installed underground, including electric, natural gas, and cable TV/internet. The paved roads are in and bordered with paved sidewalks and street lights for night walking. There are even marked, paved bicycle paths edging the extra-wide boulevards. 

The Villages gives you access to everything you need for healthy living all in one development! Whether you choose to build an estate home in the gated community area, a garden home, or choose a convenient condo, all of The Villages amenities are close at hand. The beauty and temperate climate of the foothills region of the Blue Ridge Mountains enhances the appeal of this unique lifestyle. Planned amenities include:

  • Clubhouse & Fitness Center
  • Swimming Pool
  • Tennis Courts
  • Walking Trails
  • Lakes
  • Common Green Space
  • Organic Community Gardens

Community Gardens | Our gardens are among the most anticipated amenities! Having been a gardener for over 30 years including a time as head gardener at the Shangri-La Health Resort in Bonita Springs, Florida, I can personally assure you that the gardens in The Villages will be the best of the best.

If you’ve re-kindled a love for exercise, The Villages is the place to be! And if you prefer a trek to the mountains, there are plenty of opportunities nearby!

The Villages of Hallelujah Acres is more than a housing development. Our genuine concern for every detail has a definite purpose – everything at The Villages is designed to foster a sense of community, respect for God’s creation, and of course, optimal health. It’s the foundation for the future of Hallelujah Acres. As such, you have the assurance that the same high standards in everything we do at Hallelujah Acres are reflected in every aspect of The Villages.


Healthy Living in Shelby, NC

is your opportunity to establish a foundation for a lifetime of optimal health and love for life. The Villages is located in the City of Shelby, a community of genuine small town character and quality of life. Keeping it simple is what living in Shelby is all about. Family values, mutual respect, and lending a hand whenever there’s a need are common themes you’ll find whether you’re grocery shopping, playing at the park, going to church, or just waiting in line at the bank. With its location along Highway 74 – a major route between Charlotte and Asheville – Shelby is very easy to navigate. Amazingly efficient for its size of roughly 22,000 residents, all necessities are within just a few minutes’ drive in any direction.

  • Gas station less than a mile away
  • Ingles Supermarket one mile away
  • Walmart Super Store  2.9 miles away
  • Lowe's home improvement store 3 miles away
  • The Cleveland Mall 1.8 miles from the Villages
  • Interstate Highways I-85, I-26, I-77, and I-40 are all an hour or less from The Villages of Hallelujah Acres
  • The Hallelujah Acres Store and restaurant are across the street from The Villages


Crowders Mountain State Park | is only 15 miles from The Villages. It features the two highest peaks in the Kings Mountain Range, views of more than 20 miles, along with streams and lake environments. There are 10 backpack campsites, 4 group backpack campsites, nearly 12 miles of hiking trails, plus rock climbing, two picnic shelters, interpretive programs, canoe rentals, and a fishing lake.

South Mountain State Park | is just 30 miles from The Villages. Nestled deep in the woods, South Mountains State Park is the perfect place to enjoy nature. Here you can see a majestic mountain range peeking out from the gently rolling landscape of the piedmont. The park includes elevations up to 3,000 feet, a waterfall dropping 80 feet and more than 40 miles of trails. From equestrian camping to trout fishing, mountain biking to picnicking, a number of activities are available at South Mountain State Park.

Charlotte, North Carolina | The Villages is situated in Cleveland County, which is part of the greater Charlotte Region. With a population of over 2.5 million, the Charlotte Region’s economy draws its strength from its remarkable diversity. The Villages is just 45 minutes from Charlotte, a major metropolitan hub for business, shopping, arts, culture, and four full seasons of food, fun, and entertainment. Charlotte-Douglas International Airport is only 45 minutes from The Villages.

Asheville, North Carolina | The Villages of Hallelujah Acres is just 90 minutes from all the arts, culture, and festivals of Asheville, recently named the #1 place to retire in America. Asheville is nestled on a picturesque vantage point in the Blue Ridge Mountains and has been recognized by dozens of magazines, websites, and publications in recent years for its arts community, outdoor adventures, festivals, and cuisine. In fact, Asheville has been named as one of a dozen top travel destinations in the world and remains the #1 place to retire in America (Topretirements.com) 4 years running.

Schools | Cleveland County, of which Shelby is the county seat, is home to 16,000 students attending classes in 29 modern facilities. The county also boasts a large homeschool association. The Cleveland Community College is just 5 minutes from The Villages while Gardner Webb University (a Christian University) is only short drive away, and Ambassador Baptist College is located an easy drive to the west of Shelby.

Retirement | The Villages is a place not only for families, but also a place where you can truly shape your retirement to be what you’ve always dreamed… without the expense of living in the center of the action. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to learn more in your retirement years – we can accommodate! Hallelujah Acres is passionate about providing learning opportunities in terms of health and spiritual growth. We often host well known health-oriented doctors and researchers who share their expertise

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