A Day On The Hallelujah Diet

A Day On The Hallelujah Diet

I am almost 80 years old (born February 12, 1934). For almost half of my life I ate what is considered the “traditional (or Standard) American diet.” My mother was a Registered Nurse, a graduate of Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York City, and her nurses' training played a big part in what she gave me to eat as a child. Here was my typical day’s menu growing up... Breakfast Breakfast started with a glass of (pasteurized - i.e., cooked) orange juice, reconstituted with tap water containing chlorine. This was followed in the summer time with Wheaties or Cheerios (both cooked) with pasteurized (cooked) milk and refined (cooked) sugar, or in the winter with Cream-of-Wheat or Wheatena (both cooked), with pasteurized (cooked) milk and refined (cooked) sugar. Lunch We didn’t have school lunch programs in those days so mother had to prepare lunch for me at home. For all 13 years of school from kindergarten through 12th grade, lunch consisted of peanut butter (cooked) and jelly (cooked) on a couple slices of (cooked) white bread, like Wonder Bread. This was carried to school in a brown paper bag and supplemented with an 8 oz. container of pasteurized (cooked) milk at school. Supper The average supper consisted of a cooked meat, cooked potato (usually mashed), cooked vegetable, and always a cooked, sugar-sweetened dessert. Mother had learned in nurses' training the importance of animal-sourced protein (milk and meat) and the importance of milk for strong teeth and bones. I can’t remember a raw salad or anything else raw being served at home except for some watermelon in the summer. Upon graduating from high school in 1952, I served on a ship in the U. S. Navy during the Korean War. On the ship we had basically a repeat of the diet mother had raised me on. I remember one time in the Mediterranean our supply ship did not rendezvous on time, and for almost a week we had steak from the freezer locker three times a day. Within days of discharge from the Navy I was married and you can guess what I ate for the next 21 years – you guessed it – the same almost completely cooked food I had been raised on, and the Navy had served me during the Korean War. I can remember sitting down in the evening and eating a whole ½ gallon of Breyers Ice Cream (cooked in processing) in one sitting.

Cancer Strikes at Age 42

As you may know, at age 42, while pastoring a very successful church in upstate New York, I was told I had colon cancer – the same kind of cancer I watched mother die from following medical treatments of chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery. Not wanting to go the same devastating route of medical treatments mother had gone I went searching for an alternative. In my search, I turned to an Evangelist in Texas by the name of Lester Roloff. He discouraged me from going the medical route and encouraged me to do something as simple as change what I ate, from the standard American cooked diet I had been on for the previous 42 years of my life, to the uncooked diet God gave Adam in the Garden of Eden in Genesis 1:29, and to drink lots of freshly extracted, raw (uncooked) vegetable juices. Overnight, I opted for this new diet, along with lots of freshly extracted, raw vegetable juices. Within weeks, my rectal bleeding had stopped and within a year my baseball-sized tumor was gone, without any medical interference. That happened in 1976, almost 38 years ago. Today, I am still in excellent health (and still on that "new" diet) and will soon celebrate my 80th birthday.

What I Have Learned

For almost 40 years, I have been studying diet and lifestyle. This research has revealed that all of the serious tooth decay I experienced as a child, all the colds and influenza I suffered, the constant pimples and high blood pressure, fatigue, failing eyesight, and finally colon cancer were all the result of one simple mistake — poor diet and lifestyle. When I changed my diet at Brother Roloff’s admonition, my cancer simply went away and I stopped getting sick. And here I am at the age of nearly 80 still in excellent health. I have learned that a cooked, meat-and-dairy-based diet and lack of daily vigorous exercise is a prescription for sickness, and that a basically raw, plant-based diet with lots of daily vigorous exercise is a prescription for wellness and a healthy and strong body.

Hallelujah Acres Is Founded

For years, without success, I tried to share with the Christian community in general (and with anyone else who would listen) that the primary cause of sickness was the wrong diet and lack of exercise. During these same years I was studying everything I could get my hands on regarding diets relationship to the physical problems people were experiencing. I learned that the body is a living organism, comprised of living cells, designed by God to be nourished with living (raw) plant-sourced foods. I also learned that all cooked foods are dead foods; they are not capable of properly nourishing the human body's living cells. Every animal in the wild eats its food in raw form, as God designed. Only man has abandoned God’s plan for the proper nourishment. In 1992, based on my personal experiences and all the new knowledge I had gained through personal research, my wife Rhonda and I opened a little vegan restaurant in Rogersville, Tennessee. We started holding weekly FREE seminars on “How to Eliminate Sickness” in that restaurant and started a ministry called “Hallelujah Acres”.

Today, millions worldwide are following what we call The Hallelujah Diet, and from those who have adopted it, tens-of-thousands of letters have poured in. These letters tell of more than 170 physical and psychological problems that have simply disappeared after making a simple diet and lifestyle change.

With that as a little background, let me share with you our readers, what a day on The Hallelujah Diet looks like:

Breakfast At this meal, The Hallelujah Diet breaks from traditional teachings, which tell us that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Let’s consider this teaching for a few moments. A healthy night's sleep consists of 7 or 8 hours. During that time, the body has been cleansing, repairing, rebuilding, recharging, and preparing itself for next day’s activities.

As we arise, the first thing the body usually wants to do is eliminate the collected toxins and debris it has been accumulating through the night (i.e., a restroom visit). This extremely beneficial cleansing and eliminating process will continue only if the body is given opportunity to do so.

However, if a person consumes a meal of bacon and eggs, pancakes and sausage, cereal and milk, toast and coffee, grits and whatever during this crucial time, cleansing and eliminating slows while the body diverts its energies to the difficult task of breaking down high calorie, nutrient-deficient, cooked foods.

Some will say that we need this big breakfast in order to obtain energy for the day, but the listed items are not real food.

Not to mention, many of the listed items will take till almost noon to digest — and in order to digest these items, the body must use a lot of energy.

Instead, on The Hallelujah Diet, we give the body opportunity to continue the cleansing and detoxifying by avoiding any food that requires hefty processing immediately upon arising.

Something that is easy for the body to digest is a much better option first in the morning: BarleyMax. This allows cleansing and eliminating to continue, while supplying the body with some of the best nutrients known to mankind.


Way back in 1976, when Evangelist Lester Roloff encouraged me to change my diet, he encouraged me to drink one to two quarts of freshly extracted (raw) vegetable juices each day, along with raw fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts that are the basis of the Genesis 1:29 diet.

Ever since then, I have been learning more and more about the value of drinking raw vegetables juices, and later, the juice from raw grasses. For several years, I grew wheat grass in on my windowsill, in cafeteria trays in about an inch of soil. After growing the grass to about 10 inches in height, I would harvest and juice the grass. Growing this wheat grass was very time consuming. Also, the only nutrients available to that grass as it grew were the nutrients available in the seed itself, and in that inch of soil the seed was grown on.

Around 1988, I was introduced to a barley product that had already been grown, juiced, and reduced to a powder through a spray-drying process. Now, instead of having to grow my own grass on a windowsill to juice, I had a barley powder available in a container that could be easily and quickly rehydrated in distilled water. This was much more convenient and less time consuming, and the barley powder gave me as good a result as the freshly extracted wheat grass juice.

But because of the heat used in spray drying in a milk factory, it left the product unstable. In order to stabilize this spray dried powder, maltodextrin and brown rice had to be added. These additives made up as much as 50% of the product, so that the actual amount of barley powder in the container was reduced by as much as half. That didn’t offer a very good value, and the enzymes in that powder had been compromised with the heat of spray drying!

Then around 2001, I was introduced to an organic farmer who had learned how to produce a superior powder product. Using organic barley and alfalfa seed, the seed was planted in an old volcanic lakebed, at an elevation of 5,000 feet in the Rocky Mountains. These conditions provided incredible trace minerals to the growing plants, which were watered with deep-well, mineral rich water.

Because of the nutrients available to the plants as they grew, this produced a grass of significantly higher nutrient value than grasses grown in other locations or in cafeteria trays.

After the grass was harvested, it was reduced to a juice in a juicing machine, just like the previous spray dried product had been. However, rather than using a spray drying process which required heat, this new product was reduced to a powder by means of dehydration, at temperatures so low, they did not destroy or even damage enzymes.

Because no damaging heat was used in the processing, this product did not become unstable, and thus no maltodextrin or brown rice was necessary to stabilize it. This new processing method produced a product that was 100% pure, raw grass juice powder.

We took this dehydrated grass powder to our Research Director, Dr. Michael Donaldson, to have it analyzed. He sent this new dehydrated grass powder off to numerous laboratories for testing. At the same time, he had a number of other grass powder products from other companies tested.

The results were astounding! BarleyMax beat the other products hands down in nutrient values – minerals, vitamins, amino acids, proteins, chlorophyll, phytochemicals, antioxidants, friendly bacteria, and enzyme activity.

Because BarleyMax contains almost zero fiber, it makes the perfect first food of the day. Lacking fiber, it does not have to go through the digestive process, but rather is able to go almost immediately into the cells. This provides incredible nutrients for the body to utilize, thus giving almost immediate energy, without digestion.

Simply place a teaspoon of BarleyMax in 4 oz. of distilled water and mix with a battery-powered hand held mixer (or mix in a shaker cup). This is all Rhonda and I consume for breakfast, and it provides us with incredible energy to start the day.

Post-BarleyMax Breakfast As long after the BarleyMax as possible, for breakfast we have a raw, green smoothie which is made in a blender. It is extremely nutritious, sustaining, and satisfying. You'll find the recipe here.

Mid-Morning Snack Rather than the traditional cooked (dead) coffee and donuts, on The Hallelujah Diet, an 8-oz glass of raw vegetable juice is recommended. This juice is incredibly nutritious and offers lasting energy. Traditional coffee and donuts give the body quick stimulation, but soon has the opposite effect, producing lack of energy and hunger. Consuming these cooked high carb items creates a yo-yo effect within the body of highs and lows. In order to try and maintain the highs, many people continue consuming coffee with sugar, and often sugar products through the morning.

Lunch A serving of BarleyMax precedes lunch, followed by either a large, raw vegetable salad or a raw fruit lunch. (Fruit is high in natural sugars and should not exceed 15% of your total diet.) A Survival Bar can occasionally be substituted for lunch. Many wives and mothers pack a Survival Bar in the lunchbox for husband or child. The Survival Bars are comprised of all raw, concentrated , raw vegan ingredients, plus the Original Survival Bar contains BarleyMax, CarrotJuiceMax, and BeetMax. (Those with cancer should not use Survival Bars because the natural sugars and nut butters are not conducive to fighting cancer). Most people are on the go at lunchtime, and so on The Hallelujah Diet, lunch is a very simple meal to prepare and eat. (When I am on the road, BarleyMax and a Survival Bar is often my lunch.)

Mid-Afternoon Snack Instead of a processed (cooked) candy bar and soda, on The Hallelujah Diet, another 8 oz. glass of raw vegetable juice can be consumed, or half a Survival Bar, or a piece of fruit. This provides the body with not only good nutrition, but also sustained energy. The soda and/or candy bar, much like the coffee and donut, soon become an energy drain, producing the exact opposite of what the person is looking for.

Dinner For most families, suppertime is the only meal of the day the entire family can sit down together, and without pressures, enjoy a leisurely meal together. Thus it is the biggest meal of the day on The Hallelujah Diet. Some teach that supper should be the smallest meal of the day, because we shouldn’t go to bed with undigested food in the stomach. But dinner on The Hallelujah Diet consists of foods that digest quickly, long gone before bedtime (this meal can also be swapped for lunch if it suits your lifestyle better).

Supper begins with BarleyMax, followed by a large vegetable salad, which is followed by the only cooked food of the day – baked sweet potato, baked squash, steamed vegetables, brown rice, whole grain pasta, or beans . This cooked portion provides for a huge variety of recipes to be used, and it is amazing how delicious these cooked vegan dishes can be, certainly as tasty as any Standard American Diet (SAD) meal I ever ate.

This cooked food following the large salad is extremely important, as it provides concentrated carbohydrates and calories, which in turn provide the body with energy and sufficient protein intake. The approximate ratio of foods consumed on The Hallelujah Diet is 85% raw to 15% cooked. No measuring is necessary to determine the 15%! After the BarleyMax and large salad at the evening meal, a person consumes all the cooked food they desire, and that becomes the 15%.

If you are not already on The Hallelujah Diet, may I encourage you to give it a try! Based upon God's original, uncooked, plant-based diet for mankind in Genesis 1:29, The Hallelujah Diet is perfect foundation for proper nourishment of the human body. Multitudes around the world have made the switch and experienced normalization of weight, as well as the elimination of almost all their physical problems. Read more about it here!

Next week, the good Lord willing and if the creeks don’t rise too high we will return with another exciting issue of the Hallelujah Acres Health Tip. Trust you will join us and that you will share these Health Tips with friends and loved ones.

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