80th Birthday Greetings!

80th Birthday Greetings!

In today's testimonies posting, I would like to share some of the birthday greetings I received for my 80th birthday!
“Dear George, Happy 80th and congratulations. You did it with the wisdom and help from the Lord, Lester Roloff, and some others. You have successfully passed that wisdom on to others – including me. On behalf of others and myself I thank you! My wife and I are wishing you a very special birthday in every way. Many healthy returns brother. It’s a privilege to share this day with you and Rhonda.”
“The Get Healthy Support Group, meeting monthly at the East Syracuse Library in Syracuse, New York, wishes you a blessed day. It was signed by the 14 people in attendance."
“We have fond memories of your 75th birthday. Hope the 80th is as much fun!” From Hawaii
“Happy Birthday to the most inspirational man I have ever known! I praise God for your courage, life and testimony. You have touched countless people including me! May your special day be filled with joy! With love and admiration.”
“I followed the Hallelujah Diet 11 years ago after two rounds of chemotherapy. As a result of the diet change I am cancer free. Thank you and Happy Birthday!”
“Keep going Brother George! We still have much to do here on earth you know! I wish you huge birthday blessings and many more birthdays.”
“Wishing you many more fruitful healthy years to come, Pastor! Thanking the Lord for your ministry and mission to educate more people on the plant-based food program. God bless you immeasurably”
“Happy Birthday Rev. Malkmus – You ROCK!!!
“The slogan in Australia for The Salvation Army is "Thank God For The Salvos," which prompts me to coin a slogan for you, George and all that you represent, on the occasion of your 80th birthday! They say the Gospel is good news but anyone who has experienced it, would be more inclined to call it Glorious News! As one of the very many who have benefited from what you teach about health and wellness, let me say it this way on your 80th Birthday,, "Praise God for George Malkmus" and the Health Ministry you head. And to that also let me add a hearty Hallelujah! And an Amen! Congratulations George! May God continue to spare you and bless all that you do for Him and for us!”

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