Read on to learn about how important selenium is for a thriving body.

3 Benefits of Selenium

Read on to learn about how important selenium is for a thriving body.

There are plenty of nutrients you rely on for your overall well-being. Vitamins A, B and C, for example, are familiar and play an important role in keeping your body in top shape. But there are other critical nutrients that many people forget about, likely because the body only requires a small dose. Selenium, for example, is key for a number of the functions in a healthy system.

According to the National Institutes of Health, this mineral is critical for reproduction, gland function, DNA production, and a strong defense system against disease and infection. When you have a selenium deficiency, you're more likely to develop chronic conditions such as thyroid disease, heart disease and even cancer.

Remember: A little dose goes a long way - adults are recommended only 55 mcg every day. Start fueling your body with this essential trace mineral to reap the following benefits:

1. Protects Against Cardiovascular Mortality
A study conducted by researchers at Linkoping University in Sweden found the combination of selenium and coenzyme Q10 significantly reduced cardiovascular mortality in a group of healthy elderly people. In comparison to those taking a placebo, the participants taking the combination of CoQ10 and selenium had better cardiac function scores and a lowered risk of cardiovascular disease.

2. Builds a Strong Immune System
Research conducted by the University of Edinburgh in the U.K. found that selenium plays a critical role in strengthening the immune system and preventing chronic disease and illness. The antioxidant glutathione peroxidases help to kill foreign organisms by protecting white blood cells from free radicals.

3. Supports Healthy Thyroid Function
Your thyroid contains more selenium than any other organ, according to Dr. Mercola. Selenium is used in the enzyme glutathione peroxidase, which prevents free radical damage in the thyroid while it's making iodized thyroid hormone. The thyroid relies on the mineral to thrive, otherwise it couldn't distribute hormones throughout the body that control metabolism, cell development and body temperature.

"Some nutrients are not as obtainable as you think."

How Can I Prevent a Selenium Deficiency?
As you know, eating raw, plant-based foods is the easiest way to receive vital vitamins and nutrients. But some nutrients are not as obtainable as you'd expect. Because selenium is found naturally in soil and water, eating plant-grown food sources and drinking water is normally your best bet for receiving the nutrient. But that's assuming the soil and water have not been chemically tampered with.

High levels of selenium can be found in tuna and salmon, but the Hallelujah Diet highly recommends avoiding animal sources in your everyday diet. Brazil nuts and whole grains are excellent options, but the mineral often gets destroyed during the farming and transportation process after growth.

So how can you ensure you're receiving the recommended daily amount of selenium? It's simple - just rely on HD Selenium Glutathione Promoter.
You'll receive an abundance of antioxidant protection and maximum support for a strong immune system. With this supplement, you'll never worry about a selenium deficiency. But if you want to know more about why you can't ignore selenium, discover more information on our blog. 

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