What does my computer need to play the videos?

Everything you need to play the videos is already standard on modern computers.

High-Speed Internet We strongly recommend Cable, DSL or a similar internet service.

Dial-up (where you need to dial a phone number) is not recommended. The video content will not play well on a dial-up internet connection.

Adobe Flash Player This is a FREE program and only takes a few minutes to install. The latest version is recommended.

Any Current Web Browser: Internet Explorer 7 or higher, Firefox 3 or 4, Google Chrome or Apple Safari. If you can see this page and nothing looks funny, you’re fine here.

Is the webinar / video live while I watch?

No. These videos and webinars are pre-recorded. They will be available to watch for the duration of the program.


All I see is a black screen.

Sometimes the screen will remain black while the video is loading. The video needs to load at least 30 seconds ahead of the present location in order to play smoothly. This may take longer on slower connections.


I have a dial-up connection. Can I still view the videos?

Yes, but we recommend pausing the video and letting it load for a while before trying to watch. These videos are intended for a high-speed connection and we cannot guarantee the reliability of playback on dial-up.


Can I download this to my iPod or other portable media?

If your portable device or smart phone supports Flash or YouTube playback, you may view the videos using this device. We do not allow downloads of the video content for offline playback.


The video / audio starts and stops during playback.

Longer videos may take more time to load on slower connections and at peak viewing times. Try pausing the video for a few minutes and letting it load more. You will notice the green loading bar displaying how much of the video is ready for viewing.

We had such an amazing response to our first webinar that many people had difficulty viewing. We have since increased our capacity to accommodate more viewers at one time.


I missed the yesterday’s video. Can I still watch it?

Don’t worry. Once the video is posted, you can view it any time you like. All videos up to the current day are available when you sign in to this website.


I can’t see the video at all.

If you can’t see the video and do not see any controls (play button, volume, etc.), then you need to install the latest version of the free Adobe Flash Player. This is a trusted program and only takes a few minutes to install. Click here to install Flash Player.

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