Take the Stress out of Your Holiday Meal Planning Webinar

Take the Stress out of Your Holiday Meal Planning Webinar

Can you believe that the holiday season is here? There's no better way to ring in the Christmas spirit than with a holiday-inspired webinar! This month, our own Rhonda Malkmus, the co-founder of the Hallelujah Diet, will host the broadcast, "Take the Stress out of Your Holiday Meal Planning," spreading the holiday cheer to get you ready for your upcoming family festivities. During this webinar, Rhonda will teach you her foolproof plan for having a successful holiday dinner. There's no reason to stress about the meal; Christmas is about making new memories and having fun with your family and friends!

Rhonda will also share some of her favorite holiday recipes, with step-by-step instructions and pictures of the finished products. You'll learn how to make some of her Christmas classics, such as Candied Nuts and Raw Cranberry Relish. Talk about mouthwatering!

During the broadcast, you'll learn that with patience and practice, you can shine just as bright as the star on the top of your tree..


Click on this link to download the great recipes that Rhonda Malkmus set aside just for you during this holiday season and beyond. These recipes are sure to tempt your taste buds as well as your family and friends for whom you can prepare these delightful recipes for.

CLICK HERE to Download Recipes

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