How Liposomal Technology can Optimize Nutrition

How Liposomal Technology can Optimize Nutrition

You know that vitamin C is critical for optimal wellness, boosting the immune system and supporting cardiovascular health. But have you ever considered the ways you can deliver this miraculous nutrient to your body to maximize its absorption? Eating vitamin C-rich foods is beneficial, but there are better options. Intravenous delivery is another way, but there's an even more advantageous route to maximizing intake. That's where liposomal technology comes into play.

During our webinar, "How Liposomal Technology Can Optimize Nutrition," Kelly Goyen, the co-founder, CEO and driving force in strategy at Empirical Labs, will discuss his experience with liposomal oral nutrition and how beneficial it is for the body. In 2009, Goyen helped Empirical Labs release its first liposomal vitamin C, designed to overcome the absorption limitations of typical supplements. Since then, he has continued to expand the award-winning liposomal line with quality products using only superior ingredients and methods of development.

During the broadcast, you'll learn how superior liposomal vitamin C can be and why it's the only option worth considering!

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