Power Up Your Produce! Webinar

Power Up Your Produce! Webinar

Watch for an exciting visual and interactive, webinar that will illustrate the necessity of fermented foods in your family's diet. Learn the health consequences of not consuming fermented foods, the causes of a leaky gut, and how fermented foods play a foundational role in building and maintaining health. You will learn how the fermentation process works and how quick and easy it is to Power Up Your Produce with affordable, naturally-occurring probiotics, enzymes and more....!

Presentation will include:

Why should we ferment foods?

  • • The history of fermentation preservation----history proves the efficacy! A short trip around the world....
  • • Gut health implications for pregnancy and children and how the serious decrease in gut health is affecting society at large
  • • Why every person's immune system is dependent on the beneficial bacteria in the gut

How does fermentation work?

  • • What salt does for the process
  • • What causes it to be preserved
  • • Shelf life of fermented foods

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