Gut Instinct Webinar

Gut Instinct Webinar

What do you know about gut instinct? Instincts, we believe are generated from our nervous system (brain) and our gastrointestinal tract (gut) is a couple of feet south of the brain, so how do we so easily connect the two? Well, while the gut has a local nervous system, it also is in direct communication with the brain, via the vagus nerve. The gut also communicates through its generation of chemical signals, like serotonin locally, with bacteria in the gut and their by-products, and even through the food we eat. Stress, especially prolonged stress – such as what the globe has experienced during this 3-year stretch of a pandemic can have deleterious effects on gut-function for the many reasons noted so far.

Yet again, nature can be used for our benefit! Did you know that certain pungent, small plant-nutrients, namely actives from ginger that give it its spiciness are able to modulate, or bring balance to altered brain gut communications? With gut and mood related issues on the rise in this 3rd phase of the pandemic, a professional formulation of ginger supported by clinical studies, patents and prestigious award may help you find the balance and relief you have been looking for.

In this presentation:

  • Learn about the gut-brain connection
  • Hear the evolving statistics on perceived stress during the pandemic and how its affected functional gut disorders, like Functional dyspepsia and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
  • Understand how Functional dyspepsia presents and how common it is
  • Find out how ginger affects both gut and neurological function
  • Learn more about how ginger’s effectiveness changes based on its preparation (e.g. tea, ginger candy/confectionary, juice, extracts/powders, etc.)
  • Understand the quality and efficacy of Professional Strength Ginger
  • Discover other, perhaps lesser-known benefits of ginger.

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