Just a few years ago I found myself standing before a young couple from my church, about to perform their wedding, when I couldn't remember their names. I had known them for some time and even had several hours of one-on-one premarital counseling together. That day, however, I simply could not retrieve their names from my memory bank. That's when I knew something was very wrong.

At the same time, I had more than a dozen physical complaints as well - I suffered from numerous allergies and sinus problems. I had shooting pains in the legs. I had insomnia. I was hungry all the time. my blood pressure was climbing. I was tired all the time. I had indigestion and heartburn every single day and would sleep at night with a bottle of Tums by the bed. The worst thing, however, was a persistant cough that never would go away. People would leave cough suppressants on the podium for when I spoke.

Yet all of this seemed normal to me, because my decline in health had occurred so gradually, I never noticed how really bad I felt - that is until I discovered The Hallelujah Diet. Within days of adopting The Hallelujah Diet, my cough simply disappeared along with the allergies, sinus problems, hunger, and heartburn! my energy level soared, and I felt really good for the first time in many years. within weeks of making the diet change, my memory was totally restored. In fact, every symptom I had previously been experiencing went away, when I eliminated the SAD from my diet and started eating The Hallelujah Diet. Thanks George for spreading the word!

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