Without warning, it struck. Wind in my sails gone, losing breath and strength, control impossible, I had succumbed to an unseen force and I, like a tree at the mighty axe, began to topple. acute arterial fibrillation: a heart beating weakly 170 times per minute is ineffective. Circulation slows. Death comes at any moment. Pale and helpless I found myself in the ER of a major Oklahoma City hospital, watching the monitor above me. I had relinquished control to a heart authority whose medication did not work. Electrical defibrillation with a 10% death rate was last option - or was it? Moments before I was taken for this procedure, my wife Gudbjorg joined me in prayer as we watched my failing heart beat erratically. Within 10 seconds of that prayer, the heartbeat reverted to normal. Breath returned. My face filled with color. Pain gone! This event occurred over 10 years ago. But there was more to the story.

I had severe arthritis, had lost my right eye to a medical mistake, had a disease called ankylosing spondylitis, had endured two neck operations which failed, had spinal stenosis, gout, early diabetes, hypertension, intractable GERD (reflux esophagitis), a non functioning gall bladder which 'must be removed' said the surgeons, and migraine headaches. I could walk no more than 100 feet without back pain and sciatica, could not lift 25 pounds without neck and arm pain, slept fitfully only with the head elevated because of reflux.

I took over $600.00 per month of useless medication which caused multiple side effects. It was a 'new medication' that had caused the arterial fibrillation. I became allergic to many of these potions. Yet I still believed my medical educators - authorities in their fields. Nor would I hear of any alternative. That is, I would not hear of any alternatives until I looked death in the eye and a profound insight came over me - At last. What then did I do? I left that hospital, heard and acted upon the pleas of my beloved wife, heeding the rather visual message God implanted in my heart. I began to learn great truths. I abandoned life long erroneous habits. I rejected much authoritative teaching from my profession. I took a chance. After all, the experts had failed. What was I to do? Go on believing after all the experts had failed? We all have inspirational people, loved ones who make a difference and some who unknowingly teach us incorrectly, even parents.

To my utter shock within weeks after starting a 100% vegan diet with a lot of vegetable juices, and after ridding myself of toxic foods with toxic additives, after stopping all medications, I was pain free, and all symptoms were rapidly disappearing. My health improved dramatically. Today, I remain healthy, active, and take no medication. Shortly after these colossal events I closed the doors to my conventional medical clinic and have learned and practiced and taught nutritional excellence to thousands as the first priority in improving health. The truth is this: 'Food matters.' Wrong foods sicken! Right foods heal! Medication sickens and kills and rarely heals. Hallelujah Diet was a key player in my restoration over 10 years ago. But most of the credit goes to a 5' 2 smiling angel from the rugged mountains of Norway, my beloved wife who persisted in trying to get me to change my diet. Who in your life is trying to convince you of a great truth about health? Do you listen? Or will your heart need to shake a little first.

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