It is with great pleasure that I'm typing this letter. I have been on the diet-lifestyle for one year now. It has revolutionized my life. Before, though not plagued with any known serious malady, I felt tired and drained, weak and feeble most of my waking hours. Now, with BarleyGreen and Carrot Juice daily, most days taking it twice, sometimes three times daily, I have strength and energy back as when I was younger.

I am small framed and got up to 123lbs. All of my dresses were very getting very tight, and I was buying larger clothes, wondering where it would all end. Now, I weigh what I did when my husband first married me, 98 lbs. That extra weight slowed me down, too, I suppose.

I am currently 52. I have birthed ten children and that may have accounted somewhat for a constant weakness in my energy level as well as in my legs. They were shakey and sometimes I felt as if I would fall downstairs when taking the stairs at work. My legs felt very gittery and the muscles seemed to feel as if they'd just give-way. But, no more!

Too, I had a large lump on the side of my neck, that apparently was a dried collection of blood. I had had that sort of thing when I was a small child, so I just ignored it. Since being on the diet-lifestyle, it has shrunk and is barely visible at this time.

Also, when I first was introduced to this program, I had a mole that had turned black and had the most perfect red ring around it. I knew that it could be serious, but prayed and ate my live food, and it has totally disappeared. This is just what I needed.

Now too, my whole family is taking BarleyGreen and carrot juice regularly. My sons used to suffer from colds and fevers alot, one had asthma. They now lift weights and tell others their age about being vegetarians. They have great builds. They have experienced health for the longest consistant period of time ever! Praise The Lord! Doing things God's way, eating live, whole foods is just good sense.

Too, we hope to begin a health resort. We have been blessed with a large home, and hope to aide others in this diet-lifestyle change. Sort of a Bed & Breakfast Rest Resort. I would very much appreciate going to your facility and receiving the training. One day God will make this possible for me, financially. Do you need a connection in San Antonio , Texas?!

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