The Energy That My Daughter Has Received from This Gift from God Is Amazing

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Our daughter was diagnosed with AML-M7 (Acute Myeloid Leukemia Type M7) last Nov. 23, 2002. She was a week away from her 2nd birthday! She did 6 months of intensive chemotherapy. She relapsed a month later, did 2 rounds of salvage chemo and is now recovering from an amazing cord blood transplant. She is on day plus 11 and she is in the part where her body is en grafting. Her name is Trinity and she is bright, brilliant, and so beautiful.

Enough said, I have used BarleyMax since Dec. of last year and have gone through at least 10, 8.5 oz. tubs of BarleyMax. The results are sooooo phenomenal that I have gotten up to 10 different cancer patients on it, and the energy that my daughter has received from this gift from God is amazing, the effects of chemo are horrendous and have saved my Trinity from mouth sores, mucousitis, swelling, fatigue, diarrhea, and the most significant overall incredible result from the BMax is the energy our daughter has and had during her chemo is once again phenomenal. Doctors and nurses alike are amazed at the energy she possesses.

Many parents are beginning to approach me on what I give our daughter and have told our Oncologist about it. He is Dr. Kirk Schultz, an immunologist/oncologist and does a lot of research and he said that if your company supplies the BarleyMax he would do a research study on its benefits, etc. Please, if anything can be done, hold our oncologist to his word. The news about how this has enables our Trinity to have a decent course of chemo with almost zero side effects needs to be known. One mother that has her daughter on BarleyMax, claims it helps her daughter's hemoglobin, red blood cell counts rise post chemo faster.

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