Ear Tube Surgery Has Been Cancelled

My two young children and I went on the Hallelujah Diet in June 1999, and have enjoyed many health benefits.

But the best thing that happened was regarding my daycare baby, Anna, who I watch five days a week. She came into my daycare center in July 1999. The previous babysitter was nervous about taking care of her because she had almost stopped breathing due to severe allergies. She had ear infections, lots of colds, and was on inhalers. Also, the child was scheduled to have tubes put in her ears.

I gently and persistently informed the mother how much her baby could benefit from carrot juice and dehydrated barley juice powder. She finally allowed me to feed her these juices three times a day, five days a week, while in my care. Almost immediately her problems reduced by about 50%.

Then the big step was to convince the mother to make a complete change from baby formula to diluted raw goat's milk. It took a while for her to make that decision because of the pressures of her doctor and relatives. However, she finally took the leap of faith, and since about a month ago, the child has no longer had need of the inhalers! Also, the ear tube surgery has been canceled because the child no longer has earaches!

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