Dear Rev. Malkmus, I wanted to write and share how The Hallelujah Diet has helped my 87-year-old mother. In January 2006 my mom became very ill and ended up in the hospital's emergency room. Her blood pressure was 238/120, she was unable to communicate (possibly as a result of a stroke), had severe peripheral artery disease, was extremely anemic, and they discovered a large tumor on her kidney. The doctor we consulted with that night told us that I needed to call any family members who wanted to see her alive one last time, and that I should tell them to come quickly.

Knowing mom's only hope was The Hallelujah Diet or die, I started bringing carrot juice and BarleyMax to her while in ICU. She started to improve, and when they released her, I brought her to my home and put her completely on The Hallelujah Diet. I also took her off Pepsi, along with white flour products, meat and cheese, and other harmful foods.

Within 3-weeks of starting The Hallelujah Diet, we all noticed she was getting noticeably stronger! However, the pain in her legs from peripheral artery disease was just too intense. The doctors said she only had a 5% blood flow and said she must have bi-pass surgery or lose her leg. Having been on The Hallelujah Diet for only 3-weeks, I knew it wasn't a long enough period of time to correct all the physical problems created by being all those years on the SAD diet, so I felt I had to give the doctors permission to perform the surgery even though the doctors said she might not survive the surgery.

Well, it is now late summer 2006, and it has been 9-months since the doctors told me that my mom wouldn't make it through the night and the doctors don't know what to make of my mom. Her blood pressure is now regularly 120/80, and they have taken her off one of her medications. Her anemia has improved by 75%.

Since August she has been going to her old Bible Study along with other activities. She is doing much better communicating and always has a smile on her face. Thank you Dr. Malkmus, without your wisdom I wouldn't have had the last 9-months with my mother and they have been priceless! Blessings. P.S. I've enclosed a picture of her so that you can see how wonderful she looks.

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