I found out in Dec 2000 that I had prostate cancer. My PSA was 5.7 and my gleason rating after biopsy was (4+3). After some consideration and opinions from close confidants in the medical profession I decided to have the radical prostatectomy done. On Jan 27th 2001 I had the procedure done at Walter Reed Army Medical Center by Col Judd Moul MC. After surgery the Doctor felt that he had gotten it all and that all would be well, hopefully, but we had to wait for the pathology report.

The pathology report was not so optimistic as my actual gleason rating was (5+4) instead of the (4+3) and I had a positive surgical margin. My options at that time was to wait for the healing and then get started on a new cancer vaccine trial if I had the right virus in my cancer. I went home to Florida and while waiting for my first PSA exam after surgery.

God led me to an acquaintance that introduced me to the Hallelujah Diet. Being a man of faith I had already made the decision that I would not take any Chemo or Radiation Therapy and by now I also determined that I would not take the Hormone treatments either. Either God was going to heal me through his diet or he was going to take me home. The hardest part of this diet was entertaining the skeptics that thought it was ridiculous to think that eating veggies and drinking carrot juice would cure my cancer.

Part of my followup was to have a PSA every three months for the first year and then every 6 months. I had three PSA exams that read 0.1 which was considered good as long as it was below 0.4. My surgeon thought this was great and to keep doing what I was doing and that he had several patients that were treating themselves through diet. My fourth PSA went up to 0.2 and my surgeon wanted me to continue getting the PSA in three months because of the fact that it went up. I had cheated my diet some over the holidays and ate sweets and other cooked food and I also did not fast prior to my PSA and feel that this might have had something to do with my PSA going up to 0.2. Three months later I had my PSA test and it went back down to 0.1. I honestly feel that my cancer has been eliminated by the H Diet. I neglected to say that in the process of dieting I had several other ailments disappear. Thanks to Rev Malkmus and our God this diet can work for us all.

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