This is in reference to the testimony on your Web Site under cancer - Stomach tumors decrease 1000%. I am the daughter-in-law's mother referred to in that testimony and this is an update or can be a separate one.

After attending the health workshop at Hallelujah Diet in July, 2000, my husband and I went on the Hallelujah Diet on a 100% basis. By early October, no cancer could be found anywhere within my body. My oncologist stated that my recovery was unbelievable, never hearing of such a miraculous recovery with no scientific proof. My gynecologist said that the Hallelujah Diet is as good as if not better than any chemo I could have taken.

In addition, the Hallelujah Diet healed my husband of escalated blood pressure and a medically high PSA level. Details regarding my 17-month trauma to triumph will be available in my forthcoming book - hopefully to be published soon.

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