Since the birth of my last child five years ago, my health seemed to be getting worse. I was sick and achy much of the time. There were times when I would still be so tired after a full night's sleep. After several years of living like this, I was finally diagnosed with auto-immune disorders fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and irritable bowel syndrome.

At this point, my quality of life was poor. Naptime was the thing I looked forward to. My husband and precious daughters hardly saw me because I was always sick, or too tired to do anything. After being diagnosed with these disorders, the doctor put me on a number of medicines trying to get rid of the pain. Nothing helped. We tried many different pain relievers. I couldn't work a full day. I would go home and take a nap just to make it through the evening. My energy level was so low it affected so many areas of my life - family, work, church ministries, etc.

In July I was approached by Wendy McCown, who had just returned from Health Minister Training and she shared with me that I didn't have to be sick. She taught me how to eat, gave me the materials I needed to read and I saw immediate results that first week. That was seven months ago and now I feel terrific.

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