Since adopting the Hallelujah Acres Diet and Lifestyle I have experienced great improvements in my health.

Prior to making the diet change I had been diagnosed with Sarcoidosis, an auto-immune/inflammatory disease doctors say can only be controlled with Prednisone. However, after the diet change I no longer had need of this drug.

Prior to the diet change I had been on two blood pressure pills for eight years and Zoloft for depression for 13 years. Yet, after making this simple diet and lifestyle change I was able to stop all medication within 30 days, feeling much better and with increased energy.

Prior to the diet change my cholesterol had been over 200 for 15 years but after the diet change it dropped to 157.

Prior to the diet change I was a true sugar addict and today, although I still love sugar, I have kicked the sugar habit and now my sugar levels are stable.

In addition to all of these wonderful improvements I have seen in my health, I have lost 26 pounds.

I am so thankful for the Hallelujah Acres Diet and Lifestyle and am amazed at how it has changed my life.

My mother is a trained Health Minister and she is the one responsible for getting me on the Hallelujah Diet. The sad thing is that it took eight years before I was willing to listen to what she was trying to tell me and give the diet a try. My problem was that I had been so programmed by traditional teachings I wouldn't even listen to what mother was trying to tell me.

It is great that mom and I can now be Health Ministers together because there are so many people that I know and meet whose lives could be changed if they would only give the diet a chance.

I see them suffering with such problems as diabetes, heart problems, obesity, cancer, depression, and more. These are problems I now know could be corrected if they would do something as simple as change what they eat and start exercising.

I have been working in the Health Care profession for 25 years as a physical therapist and have previously been able to help many. However, I now realize that I can do a lot more to help people than I have been able to do in the past.

I am appalled at how our current medical system only treats symptoms without healing the diseases. Most people do not realize that there is another way, a better way of dealing with their symptoms, and it's the Hallelujah Diet way.

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