I Was Able to Quit Taking Meds for Trigeminal Neuralgia!

Dear Dr. Malkmus, My name is Darryl. I am 52 years old, and I live in Independence, MO. I have been a Christian all of my adult life. I regularly attend church in my hometown. I can only recall one sermon in my life that dealt with physical health. I think that is really sad, as I believe it is the churches job to teach about every aspect of our lives, which is what Jesus did.

I am writing to share my testimony as to the true healing power The Hallelujah Diet has manifested in my own personal life. Allow me briefly to give you a short history of how I came to learn of your ministry. About 4 months ago, I happened to reunite with a friend of mine after about 15 years. His name is Bob. He was the best man at my wedding 18 years ago. I have always admired him for his faith, and willingness to share it, and also for his obvious high IQ.

The last time I saw Bob, he weighed about 310 pounds or more, and was becoming arthritic. He got to the point he was doomed to be in a wheelchair the rest of his life. He owns an auto repair shop, and was having his sons do the work, as he could no longer walk or work. He found out about your (Hallelujah) diet and he and his wife prayed about it, and then decided to do it. That was 8 years ago.

When I pulled up into Bob's yard, I saw this skinny guy working under the hood of a car, it was Bob! He now weighs 165 pounds and can not only walk on his own, but he can run! I was so impressed with his change, that I asked him how he had done it. He told me it was a scripture-based diet that he had found out about. I was not obese, but about 25 pounds overweight at the time. When he told me the name of the book I needed to get,"God's Way to Ultimate Health" by a Rev. George Malkmus, I immediately went to his phone and ordered it from Barnes & Noble. Since I started the (Hallelujah) diet, I have experienced the most tremendous change in my health imaginable. This is where it gets good!

I have a brain disease called trigeminal neuralgia. This is a very debilitating and painful condition of the brain stem for which there is no cure. You can look this term up on the Internet. In 1990, I had surgery on my brain stem, which was only partially successful and those results were only temporary. I have been taking anti-seizure medications for the past 15 years. I have been hospitalized countless times for pain management, as it gets too severe at times to be able to endure.

I also have been taking medications for the past 10 years for GERD (acid reflux disease). Mayo Clinic wanted to do a procedure called a fundo plication where they wrap a portion of your stomach around your esophagus to create an artificial valve. This supposedly helps eliminate the symptoms of GERD. I almost died about 8 years ago with asthma and spent 2 years recovering, using machines and inhalers. I had to change occupations because the asthma was caused by my work environment.

Since I started on the (Hallelujah) diet, I have quit taking meds for trigeminal neuralgia! I no longer suffer from GERD, and I can walk and swim without running out of breath! Also, I quit wearing glasses as my vision went back to 20/20! I also noticed I have a lot more dexterity in my fingers than I ever had! I lost that 25 pounds! I am having a lipid profile done in the morning after I fast. I will let you know the results of that test. My blood pressure before I started the diet was 160/110 on meds, now it is 140/90 not taking meds! The doctor is insisting I continue the meds.

I thank God for you and your ministry! I wish my wife and son would do as I have, but I can only show by example. I have endured a lot of criticism over this lifestyle change, but I am determined to stick with it. It would be so wonderful if someone would come to my church and share this program. I have witnessed to a lot of people and do have a couple starting to juice. At least it's something. Thank you again!

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