I have chronic fatigue, as well as several other related problems, such as psoriasis. Since I began The Hallelujah Diet several months ago, I have had more energy than ever before, my psoriasis has almost totally faded, and I have had continual weight loss -- at least 30 pounds in five months. God really did mean man to live the Genesis lifestyle!

A note about my psoriasis: Many doctors have had theories about what causes psoriasis. It is my firm belief that it is a condition brought on by the suppression of the immune system when processed sugar is consumed. For example, I mentioned that my psoriasis had almost totally faded. That is not altogether true. The month of October contains birthdays for four in my family. During that month, I was not too faithful to the diet.

I didn't have hardly any meat or cheese, but did consume a large amount of processed sugar in various forms, and the psoriasis started to reappear! When I backed off on the sugar, the psoriasis started to fade again. I think, at least in my case, I have established a link between some skin diseases and the immune system, prominently, the processed sugar connection.

I thank God and His Son for Hallelujah Acres, and everything you folks have done!

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