Dear Dr. Malkmus: I have had a most fascinating experience in regard to your book, 'God's Way To Ultimate Health', that may interest you. For several years, a good friend of mine has tried his best to convert me to the idea of becoming a vegetarian, or vegan, like he and his wife and family. As a matter of fact, my own sweet wife has tried over the past 27 years of our marriage to get me converted to a new way of life, based on a high fruit and vegetables diet. And to a degree, I have conformed to such a radical departure from the orthodox American way of eating.

What I really want to say is, that in spite of my dedication to eating whole, organically grown foods, which have not been bleached or robbed of the nutrients God originally put there by His divine design of nature, I have been somewhat stubborn when it comes to eating meats and dairy foods, which have delighted my taste buds for so many decades! But the Lord really kicked me in the seat of the pants recently , and now for my story.

Awhile ago, my wife got a copy of your book, 'God's Way To Ultimate Health', and has been enthusiastically perusing it for quite some time. She has been gently coaxing me to read your book for many months! Well, about a month ago, a mysterious leg condition overcame me, the cause of which is only now becoming clear. I simply took an afternoon nap one day, and awoke to an excruciating pain in the ball of my foot, similar to a muscle cramp, causing severe pain.

Over a period of several days, the pain eventually spread to my ankle, then up my calf muscle, and finally all the way up my inner thigh muscle to my hip, and my entire right leg became discolored and swelled to almost twice the size of the left leg! I spent many sleepless nights keeping my leg in motion and rocking the bed to relieve some of the pain, and consequently got little rest. After about three weeks on a low protein, low fat, high vegetable diet, which my wife insisted I eat, my leg pain and swelling finally reduced to about half of what it had been.

But, like an idiot, I still didn't get the idea, and a few days ago (the day before Thanksgiving 2001), after having suffered for a solid month from my right leg's pain and swelling (which should have taught me a lesson), I very unwisely decided to eat a couple of nice big grilled cheese sandwiches, along with several pieces of bologna and some dairy products. It tasted so good! But when I got home from the office, my right hip hurt so much that I could hardly walk!

I 'hobbled' into the house, only to find that some of our small grandchildren had come to visit. But instead of enjoying their visit, I spent most of my time hollering, groaning and moaning, under excruciating pain! My family extended to me what sympathy they could give, and wished me well. The moment our daughter and her family left the house to return home, my wife handed me your book to read, and I began to read it with intense interest. I read all the introductory material and finished the first few chapters before retiring for the night. During the night, I had to get up several times to go to the bathroom, and each time I arose from the prone position, it about killed me with agonizing pain in my hip.

When morning arrived (on Thanksgiving Day), my wife fixed me a serving of greens for breakfast. Later, after reading several more chapters of your book, I decided to forgo the big dinner and supplanted it with a nice big drink of carrot and apple juice mixed. Later that evening I ate a baked potato for supper. I slept peacefully that night without any pain. My wife was nursing a bad cold, so we didn't eat a heavy turkey dinner, but consumed juices and vegetables mostly. We both felt much better upon retiring for the night.

The next day, however, our son and his wife brought us a nice big turkey dinner, with all the trimmings, which they had cooked for us. I ate just a small piece of turkey, as I didn't think that would hurt. sometime after midnight, I awoke to go to the bathroom, and my right hip hurt so much that it was with utmost difficulty and enormous pain that I was able to get up out of the bed. In the morning I got the working again, and made another big drink of carrot/apple juice, while I exclaimed 'Okay! Lord! I get the idea! Now, please stop kicking me in the seat of my pants! Ouch! It hurts!'

Several hours later, the pain from my sciatic nerve subsided, as I buried my head deeply into your book! A day later, I said to my wife: 'Just reading Rev. Malkmus' book makes me feel better already. His book makes such good sense, it is absolutely without refutation!

My wife said to me: 'Well, sometimes the Lord has to kick us in the seat of the pants to get our attention!' She is glad that the message finally got through to me, but, more than that, and after all this time, I feel like a new man about to embark on an exciting adventure, where life begins at where we are! (And I am in my late sixties.) It is now a week since my experience began, and the pain and swelling is gone, which shows how rapidly the body can recover when given proper nourishment.

May God continue to bless you in your work and ministry.

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