My husband and I started the Hallelujah Diet in mid-October 1999 after my husband was diagnosed with cancer. He has a softball-sized tumor in his abdominal area. Although we haven't seen the cancer go away yet, he has seen many improvements. He was able to stop taking Rezulin for his diabetes within ten days after starting the diet. Also, his hemorrhoids are gone, and his previously high blood pressure is down.

Personally, I no longer have to take sinus medication, or even anything for my headaches, which I used to have almost daily. I now have lots of energy and want to thank you for getting this health message out. I also want to thank our wonderful friends who loaned us your books and tapes. I would love to be a Health Minister, but cannot look into that until my husband is well. (Editor's note: Rezulin, the drug Mr. Cottle was taking for his diabetes, was removed from the market this past week because of the many serious adverse side effects and deaths experienced by those taking this drug.)

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