We are health ministers in Pensacola, Florida. We have ministered to a family with an autistic child. She(Sharon) has e-mailed us her testimony:

I started the Barleygreen on both myself and my son. (He is five years old and has been diagnosed with autism.) To be honest, I did not think he would go for it. So the first couple of days, I put it fully mixed into a black cup and gave it to him first thing in the dark morning. I called it 'Doctor Water' as my son trusts anything his Dr. tells him ( and thank God for that small mercy) Well do you know after just a couple days on it he asked me how you make it. So I showed him the product and the mixer, and I kid you not, he called it Barely Green, mixes it up himself in a non colored glass and craves it.

At first I thought there must be gluten in it since he is asking for it, but I knew he was not acting weird, and I also realized something else, I was craving more and more as well. Gee I guess we were both nutritional messes. So now I literally watch him mix his barely green to which we add probiotics and grape seed extract and he takes it happily every day twice a day! I am so pleased. Now his teachers report a certain clarity they have not seen before. I know we are taking out the heavy metal and every time we chelate him there is a clarity, but I truly believe it has been enhanced by leaps and bounds thanks to Barleygreen.

This child is also tactile sensitive, known to projectile vomit if a texture does not suit him. He also has (up till now), avoided many fruits like apples. Well we were in Wal-mart yesterday, over by the produce and he said to me, Mommy I like apples, picked one up and started eating it. I was thrilled (other than the fact it was not organic or washed) I felt I could not stop him because this was progress! So what can I say other than I need to buy more Barleygreen!

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