Rev. Malkmus, I am 34 years old and in fairly good health. But have recently become aware of the dangers of unhealthy eating habits by observing the negative health effects of some of my family members, including my mother who died following multiple strokes and diabetes. Perhaps the details of her suffering are for another time, but I mention her to indicate I am very interested in learning all I can about The Hallelujah Diet and Lifestyle you proclaim.

I have been taking, along with my wife, your green barley powder for the past 2 months, and we both already notice improvements in our health. We have not yet fully embraced The Hallelujah Diet as yet, but are already following a good percentage of it. I am still coming out of the 'but I like it' stage, but realizing more and more that the SAD is very sad. I have purchased Barbara Stitt's 'Food & Behavior' book, and am currently reading that and Rhonda's 'Recipes for Life from God's Garden' book, along with the current issue of your paper publication 'Hallelujah Acres Health News.'

I have already started my own 'college notebook' of healthy tidbits to remember as I start my journey to a healthier lifestyle. I am looking at sacrificing the money to purchase the Champion Juicer, as I am learning that juicing is the 'key' to optimal health, as you mention so often in your writings. Next to my King James Bible, I now read mostly books on healthy living, and am developing a totally new mindset concerning food than the one I grew up with. I have to thank you Rev. Malkmus for sparking my growing interest and desire to treat my body, which is actually the 'temple of God', in a cleaner fashion as God meant for me to do.

I literally hurt for friends and family around me who are suffering physically and taking multiple medication; and yearn that they, too, discover the blessings that so many others are experiencing as a result of applying what you teach. Because of this burden I carry for them, I am asking that you send your paper publication to several friends of mine, who I think would benefit from your writings. I am willing to pay what is necessary. No cost is too great for health. I appreciate your ministry and look forward to learning more.

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