My life has changed a lot since last year when a friend gave me a copy of your Back to the Garden magazine. I have been interested in nutrition for the past almost 50-years, and as a result I have been able to improve the lives of many people.

I am presently 84-years old, feel great, and am thankful to God for my good health. May I tell you a wonderful story? Four weeks ago a friend called me, to share that her friend was very sick with cancer and on chemotherapy. I asked her to have her sick friend give me a call, and when she did, she could hardly speak and said she felt hopeless. I talked to her, encouraged her, and suggested she adopt The Hallelujah Diet. I also sent her an issue of your Back to the Garden magazine. Well yesterday, just four weeks after encouraging her to get on The Hallelujah Diet, I received a call from her. Only, this time when I spoke to her she was happy, contented, and hoping that very soon she would be able to come to Hallelujah Diet to attend Health Minister Training.

Before The Hallelujah Diet she was in pain 24- hours a day, and suffered with diarrhea. She had been sick for 5-years and was only recently diagnosed with lymphoma cancer. Never again will she be on chemotherapy. She is very happy, thanks to all of you at Hallelujah Diet. Miracles still do happen!

At this moment I have another lady on The Hallelujah Diet. She is also 84-years-old and has Alzheimer's. She has now been on The Hallelujah Diet for only four weeks and it is unbelievable how wonderful she feels. It is a miracle! Before The Hallelujah Diet, she lived on lots of chocolate milk and canned soups. Seeing and talking to her today, you would never think she had been suffering with Alzheimer's for 7-years. Her turn-around is not a dream, as I have actually seen her return to health before my very eyes. It is unbelievable what Hallelujah Diet is achieving and we are so very fortunate to receive your knowledge and care. My greatest wish is for all people who wish to be well and happy to achieve this goal.

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