My Doctor Took Me Off My Injection Insulin and All Other Medications!

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At the time I started the Hallelujah Diet, I was suffering with pancreatitis problems, sugar diabetes, high blood pressure, acid reflux, and was a hundred pounds overweight. I was on injection insulin for my diabetes, as well as numerous medications for my other problems.

I was also in a dilemma as to what I should eat, because my diabetes doctor told me I had to eat meat and dairy products for my diabetes, while my gastroenterologist was telling me just the opposite, that a diet containing no meat or dairy was the best diet for me. Fortunately, after learning about the Hallelujah Diet and the importance of eliminating all animal products, and consuming a 100% plant based diet, I listened to my gastroenterologist and not my diabetic doctor, and eliminated all animal products from my diet.

Just three months after eliminating all animal sourced foods from my diet and adopting a 100% plant based diet, I went back to my diabetic doctor and she asked me what in the world I had been doing, because my sugar had dropped from 8.2 down to 6.9, my blood pressure had dropped significantly, my bad cholesterol was down, my good cholesterol was up, and I had lost 36 pounds.

So after doing something as simple as changing what I ate, in just three months of following the Hallelujah Diet and Lifestyle, I had not only seen significant improvement in my health, but was also told by my diabetic doctor that she was taking me off my injection insulin and all other medications. Hallelujah!

I want to become a Health Minister so that I can help others with their health problems, by helping them to understand that God's way of eating, as he tells us in the bible in Genesis 1:29, is the best way to nourish these physical bodies God has given us.

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Gratitude for a Healthier Life

Gratitude for a Healthier Life

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