My husband and I were privileged to see a video on your health message at someone elses home. We went home and that very afternoon changed our diet. We dropped meat, dairy products, sugar, eggs and white flour immediately and started eating fresh fruits for breakfast and fresh raw vegetables for lunch and supper.

The first week I felt pretty bad since I have had irritable bowel and the change was so drastic. However, my husband felt great and so I stayed on the diet too. After about one and a half weeks, we had each lost about 10 pounds and I started to feel better than I had for a long time.

Now, after almost three months on this diet I have not been bothered by my irritable bowel. I am no longer bothered with bloating, vaginal yeast, constipation and I can breath better. My skin seems to be clearer and my fingernails stronger. People are noticing that we are slimmer and have more energy and are asking us to help them.

My sister, who is a diabetic, is trying to adopt this diet. In the short time she has been on it, her doctor has had to decrease he insulin because her sugar level has dropped so much. Please send us information as soon as possible as we want to stay on this diet and help others to have better health.

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