The following is my 80 year old mother's testimony: Two years ago I was so sick that I just wanted to go home to be with Jesus. But, Jesus wanted me to be a testifier. So my son and I started the Hallelujah Diet on January 1, 1998.

After just a few weeks on this diet, my insulin needs started dropping from 50 units twice a day, down to 16 units once a day and my arthritis began to go away. After six months on the Hallelujah Diet, my cardiologist said: 'You have the arteries of a 20 year old.' Today, I can walk for an hour each day with a rollator. I go to the malls searching for a chance to witness to anyone who will listen about what the Lord has done for me and how the Hallelujah Diet has given me a second chance on life.

Thanks, Dr. Malkmus, for letting the Lord use you to heal the sick! May our Father bless you richly as you go about His business. For those of you out there who think that it is too late to regain your health, just remember my story, and don't give up because I am praying for you to make it. Love in Christ Jesus.

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