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Thank you for coming to Dayton, Ohio September 9, 2006. It was there that I attended your seminar, and the Lord spoke to me during your talk. In the summer of 2006, I had a nagging back pain, and was diagnosed with a compression fracture of the vertebrae, along with hypoglycemic (excess calcium in the blood). Then I was hospitalized for 2-days with renal failure.

Before all this, I had thought I was in pretty good health for a 48-year old. So you can imagine what a shock it was when the doctors told me I had multiple myeloma (MM), a cancer of the plasma cells. I had a round of chemo followed by 3 weeks of steroids. It was awful! I could hardly think and could barely walk due to the pain. To survive, I needed Vicodin 2x and Extra Strength Tylenol 4x a day. I also had anemia and needed transfusions at two different times, which is typical of MM patients. It was in the midst of all this medical attention and treatments that I went to hear you speak and immediately adopted The Hallelujah Diet.

Amazingly, at my 2-week chemo follow-up, my hemoglobin was normal, to the amazement of the doctor. Praise God! My blood work continued to improve, my pain diminished, and my back quickly healed. I was scheduled to have Kyphoplasty, a procedure that re-inflates the compressed vertebrae, so the specialist was surprised to see my back had healed so quickly and I didn't need the surgery. Needless to say, I was thrilled, and felt so blessed. By November, I was able to quit using my walker, and was able to go off all pain medication, as I continued getting stronger.

Monthly blood work continues to show my IGG numbers, an indicator of cancer activity, to be normal. It had been initially over 4,000, but is now around 1400. This has amazed my oncologist who told me the numbers should have gone back up and this was the first time he had ever seen someone beat MM through diet. My recovery from MM included lots of raw vegetable juices, exercise, outside air, sunshine, bedtime by 10, Bible study, positive thoughts, friendships, and I drank lots of purified water. I use my Vita-Mix to make daily green smoothies and try to do as much organic, raw foods as possible. I am truly thankful to God for leading me to Hallelujah Acres and The Hallelujah Lifestyle. I would love to come to Hallelujah Acres someday and take some classes. Many prayed for me, and I had such wonderful friends supporting me in my diet change. I believe God led me to your seminar and this healthy lifestyle, and I share my testimony in the hope that this information will help someone else.

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Gratitude for a Healthier Life

Gratitude for a Healthier Life

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