Hi George! I just had to respond to that last Health Tip regarding the Christian book that knocks the Hallelujah Diet. It's frustrating because so many people will read that as 'God sent' and they will have to go on with their aches, pains, etc. Before I accepted Christ as my Savior, I had a weight problem. I tried every diet the world brought to my attention and would only vacillate between 5 - 10 lbs. losing and gaining, so I finally resorted to the thought that I'd be heavy all of my life. From a vanity standpoint, I still wanted pretty nails, skin, hair, etc., so I went to a health food store and bought a load of supplements. I also started reading health books and the overall theme was: up with fresh produce and down with the flesh foods. I did that and lo and behold, in 4 months the weight left�never to return. Then I started considering the trees, birds, flowers, more seriously as my mind cleared from the junk and knew there had to be a master designer. Cleaning up my diet was one major factor in bringing me to Christ back in the '70s. I kept reading and refining my diet and became a full lacto-ovo vegetarian in the '70s. In the '80s I dropped all dairy, becoming a vegan. My weight was no longer a problem but I continued getting colds, flu, etc. Then in the '90s I read your book and added more raw food, and began daily juicing and Barleygreen, which I have continued to this day. My weight dropped a bit more but best of all after a few detox episodes, I stopped getting sick. Since adopting the Hallelujah Diet in 1995, I sleep super sound and wake up super refreshed and energetic, excited about what the new day may hold. I eat perhaps half the quantity of food I once did and feel completely satisfied. I never get sick�not even sniffles, no headaches, no joint pains, no allergies, no rashes or itching, no skin blemishes, no digestive disorders, no depression, no blood sugar extremes, no elimination problems. I have good blood pressure: 106/65 and a 65 heart rate. Now that I rebound almost daily, my muscles are toned, I have a positive and optimistic attitude, I have a close relationship with our Lord, I am happy. I'm not bragging. I'm proclaiming His blessings. He is convicting me daily to stay healthy. Jesus gets all the honor and glory for anything good that happens to me. No M.D., Ph.D., or any other 'professional' can convince me that I need any animal foods or other so-called foods that man has made. I've been delivered from all the chronic problems that come in the wake of the Standard American Diet . I'm a 'lifer' on the Hallelujah Diet because this is the way my Lord created me to eat and live. Food isn't my #1 priority nor am I preoccupied with it. It's simply fuel�I have more important things to do in life than eat. Mainly helping other people get well by sharing enthusiastically the wonderful blessings they too can have when they eat and live the Hallelujah lifestyle. Thank you, George, for being a high profile witness for our Lord in this arena and keep speaking out for this vital truth!

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